Office Life in 2015: The Latest Trends

If you want to run a cutting-edge business, it’s essential that you stay up-to-date when it comes to developments in the modern workplace. If you don’t, you risk gaining a reputation among your target market and your employees for being out of touch and outdated. To help you stay ahead of the curve, here’s the lowdown on three of the latest trends to hit offices.

Worker wellbeing

According to the global architecture, planning and design practice RTKL, 2015 is the year that businesses focus on the holistic wellbeing of their workers rather than simply targeting ways to improve employees’ physical health.

One way to improve workers’ overall wellbeing is to enable them to experience meaningful change. You could do this by giving them the opportunity to undertake a variety of tasks, learn new skills and work from home on occasion. In terms of office design, change can take the form of something as simple as modular furniture. According to furniture specialist, infinite layouts can be created with some modular options so staff can experience diversity when holding collaborative meetings, attending networking sessions or simply having lunch.

Office Life in 2015

Remote working

Every entrepreneur knows that businesses are constantly evolving animals. Whether they are expanding or contracting, it can be difficult for business owners to predict their real estate needs. With this in mind, more firms are looking into alternative working arrangements for their personnel.

Thanks to advances in technology, a growing number of businesses are finding that at least some of their workers can perform their duties remotely. Not only does this help to cut down on property costs, according to a survey of businesses across Europe, flexible working makes employees 39 per cent more productive. It’s thought that this kind of arrangement can also support a better work-life balance.

Internal social media platforms

Social media plays many different roles in modern life. In the workplace, it is increasingly being used as platform for employees to express their opinions and employers to gain a greater understanding of their views. This is a particularly useful tool for workers who feel they cannot express themselves through more official channels.

To avoid in-house squabbles and negative views going public, more and more businesses are introducing gated enterprise social networks to allow workers to hold work-related conversations in a secure space. Without these internal platforms, businesses run the risk of having employees hold sensitive discussions on public platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Having an internal social media platform shouldn’t just be a tickbox exercise in protecting your company’s public image, however. To make a significant and positive difference to your business, it’s essential that senior managers listen to, take on board and engage with the views of their personnel.

This is just a flavour of what’s happening in the office in 2015. To stay up to speed, continue to read the latest reports on workplace trends, research recent developments affecting your industry and engage with your peers and your employees regularly.

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