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Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs:6

by Olufisayo
Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Using positive imagery

The ability to fantasize about goals and objectives is a common characteristic of successful entrepreneurs. The unconscious mind can then be influenced to accept the picture as a reality waiting to happen, which provides motivation and a sense of direction.

Sense of purpose

A feeling of mission motivates the entrepreneur to go into business; the entrepreneurial activity has meaning. These factors may be the desire to make an attractive profit, the desire to sell some necessary and unique product or service, or the desire to develop your ideas or skills without the constraints of others’ expectations.


Ability to distinguish between yourself and the business, so when you make a mistake you have the strength to admit it and take corrective action; a desire to deal with issues and decisions rationally and logically rather than emotionally.


Desire to take on challenges and test your abilities to the limit. Successful entrepreneurs are not ambivalent about success.

They concentrate on ways to succeed, not what will happen if they fail. Because they are objective, though, they build a “what if” scenario into the business plan, so that they anticipate problems and develop strategies to surmount obstacles in advance.


Successful entrepreneurs adopt the attitude that if they do a chance on unexpected barriers, they will find resourceful and effective ways to overcome them.


Receptive to change, ability to adjust perceptions goals or action based on an assessment of new information; a rigid, conservative personality is not a trait of a successful entrepreneur.

Desire to create

A strong desire to originate an idea or product, to develop something new, to be innovative, to make something happen, to imprint your personality, dreams, and ideas on a concept in a unique and different way; requires both the powers of observation and imagination to foresee many possible market ideas.

Long-term involvement

Commitment to long-term projects and goals despite considerable personal sacrifice.

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