Everything You Need to Know Before Sending Money to the Philippines

Are you facing problems while sending money to your family and friends in the Philippines?

Are you still looking for a cost-effective option for transferring money to the Philippines?

Fret not! This guide will show you some of the most cost-effective, secure and fastest ways to send money to Philippines.

Sending Money to the Philippines


Which Method Should Be Selected For Sending Money To The Philippines?

Online money transfer is usually the most-preferred way to send money to another country. The fast speed and instant remittance of money makes it very convenient for the sender as well as the receiver. One of the best ways to remit money to the Philippines is through InstaReM.

There are a plethora of other websites that promise to provide faster and cheaper ways of transferring money. However, many online remittance portals charge you a lot more than they let on. So, it would be wise on your your part to research thoroughly before you choose an online remittance portal to send money to the Philippines. A thorough research would help you find a remittance portal that is authentic and reliable. Hence, it is advised that you gather all the relevant information about your remittance partner before making a transaction.


Why Should You Go For Online Transactions?

If you are looking for a fast, secure and convenient way of transferring money to the Philippines, online money transfer is the way to go.

Many corporates, banks and individuals find online remittance the best way to send money to the Philippines. The main reason behind online platforms becoming the preferred choice is their user-friendly interface and instant transactions.

Online remittance makes single as well as bulk transaction a breeze. Lower transfer fees is another feature of online remittance platforms that attracts people towards the method.


Features That Your Money Remittance Partner Should Have

Though there are many online remittance portals that promote themselves as the fastest and easiest ways to transfer money to any country, the following features can help you distinguish a good online remittance platform from a bad one:

1.Speed:Unlike money wiring services that transfer money to the Philippines, online remittance agencies assure you speedy transfers. Your money gets transferred to the destination account either on the same day or the next day.

2.Secure:Your service provider should not just be faster than others but should also offer a secure channel for transferring the money. If something goes wrong while you remit money to the Philippines, your money should be returned to you within 2-3 days. Check the refund policies and security statement before signing up with an online remittance portal.


3.Support: The online remittance agency should also provide continuous support to its customers to ensure smooth and seamless money transfer experience. The agency should be equipped with a dedicated Client Services Team that is capable of providing the right solution to the queries of their customers.

4.Low transfer fees: A good remittance agency should not charge any hidden costs from their clients. The transfer fees should be zero or close-to-zero. This is one of the most important features that should determine your choice for remitting money to the Philippines.

One of the best online remittance platforms to transfer money to the Philippines is InstaReM. It is emerging as one of the most trusted and reliable ways to transfer money to the Philippines. It typically takes one or two business days for international transfers in certain corridors, while others might take longer depending on the banking system of the destination country. Another advantage is that it offers Live FX rates and charges a low transfer fees.

So, sign up with InstaReM and enjoy hassle-free transfers without paying sky-high charges.

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