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4 Visual Branding Elements You Need to Start a Business

by Olufisayo
Visual Branding Elements

The list of things you need to start your own business is lengthy. Business plans, finances, accounting systems, marketing plans, visual branding—the list goes on. One of the most important items on that list is creating your brand.

Your visual brand is how people will recognize your business, so it’s important to get it right at the beginning. You can rebrand later, if necessary, but establishing a clear, cohesive brand from the start is ideal.

Keep reading to learn more about visual branding and 5 items you need to get in place before the launch of your business.

What is Visual Branding?

Visual branding includes anything that you use to promote your business, such as images, logos, designs, colors, photos, and messaging. Your visual brand should tell the story of your business and make clear to potential customers or clients your purpose, product or service, and your values.

Bad visual branding can hurt your business, so give the branding process the attention it deserves. Here are things you should include in your visual branding plan:

1. Logo

Designing a logo might seem simple, but it’s actually a pretty involved project. A logo generator can help streamline this process and give you the ability to create and customize your logo. You want your logo to be memorable, visually appealing, recognizable, and non-offensive.

The colors you use in your logo should be repeated in your other branding materials, like your website, social media headers, and any marketing pieces, to create a cohesive design.

2. Tagline

Your tagline is a short statement that sums up your mission. Think about some of the notable taglines that you see on commercials. For example, “you’re in good hands “, “just do it”, or “I’m lovin’ it”. Chances are, you quickly recognized those as the taglines for Allstate, Nike, and McDonald’s.

Use that tagline in your marketing materials, your logo (if appropriate), on your website, and on any advertisements you might post. You might even have your employees answer the phone with your tagline.

3. Voice

Your brand’s voice should also be consistent. Will it be formal, educational, casual, or friendly? How will you communicate? Be clear about the voice of your brand and make sure that comes through in all types of communication, including marketing pieces, social media posts, responses to customers online, and website content.

4. Social Media Profiles

Once you’ve designed your logo and identified your tagline and voice, it’s time to create your social media profiles. In the current business world, social media presence is a must. At a minimum, you should create social media profiles and make sure they are updated regularly.

If you really want to embrace social media, hire a social media specialist who handles all of your social media content, posting, and responding to customers or clients. These profiles should include your logo, tagline, and reflect the voice of your brand. Make sure they are consistent across platforms.

Ready To Establish Your Brand?

Now that you know what you need to do to establish the visual branding for your company, you can start working on your brand. It’s wise to create multiple versions of your logo and tagline and get feedback on them.

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