5 Ways Hackers Can Get Into Your Business

Let’s face it; all entrepreneurs want to make sure that they are omitting the issues of cumber crime. But, there is so much to consider in the face of internet security and IT safety in the office environment.

You don’t have to become a super sleuth or work for the FBI to eradicate these kinds of problems in your business. But, being aware of how hackers get into your business is one of the best ways to stop the problem from happening.

Ways Hackers Can Get Into Your BusinessDennis Skley

Hack 1: Weak Passwords
Weak passwords are a business burden. You need to ensure that your employees are fully aware of the importance of strong passwords. If you want to prevent this kind of activity from happening in your business, you need to ensure that you are operating on a stringent basis when it comes to passwords. Request that people have numbers, letters and symbols in their passwords. Ensure that passwords are changed every 90 days. This keeps hackers guessing and ultimately creates a stronger line of protection in your business.

Hack 2: Malware Attacks
Malware can be nasty. Clicking on an improper website or link can result in your data being stolen, and your entire system being infected. These can lead to issues of data loss. But, it can also leave your accounts weak and vulnerable too. This can be avoided by restricting internet access within your company. It may not make you ‘boss of the year’, but it will ensure that your client’s data is safe.

Hack 3: Phishing Emails
Phishing emails are designed to look like ‘proper’ emails that are legitimate from a company. It can be difficult to spot these. But, ensuring that you have sent your IT team on a security management course for an IT security certification is one of the best ways to stop this problem. Make sure that you have designated spam folders in your email. Don’t open emails from people you don’t know, no matter how legit these look.

Hack 4: Social Engineering
Social engineering is a relatively new way of hacking into businesses. So, do be aware of what you post in the online world. People use your social media information to hack passwords and to infiltrate business sites. This is either done as a malicious pursuit or to steal data. The average loss for a company, should this happen, would be over a quarter of a million pounds. If you don’t have this kind of money to lose, it’s time to wise up about your social media activity. Make everything private and ensure that you have a security audit done every quarter to prevent this from happening.

Ways Hackers Can Get Into Your BusinessWidjaya Ivan

Hack 5: Ransomware
Ransomware can be tough to crack, but not impossible. Hackers essentially hold your site hostage until you pay them their ‘ransom’. During this time, they may pose explicit content and make your site look unprofessional. The ramifications of this can be severe. So, ensure that you are defending your site by backing up your data and changing passwords regularly. Do make sure that you have a robust internet security package that omits this kind of problem.

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