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10 Things to Aspire To Do Before 40 in Your Career

by Olufisayo
10 Things to Aspire To Do Before 40 in Your Career

Our careers form such a big part of our lives. We spend most of our time at work or working on our businesses. This is why it is important to explore as many avenues as you possible can. We all have different facets to ourselves. There is no one shoe fits all when it comes to the things we enjoy doing.

By the time you reach the age of 40, it is important to have done some things that gives you the satisfaction of having done it all. Having done all the things you wanted and aspired to.

This is a list of 10 things to do in your career, before the age of 40:

10 Things to Aspire To Do Before 40 in Your Career

Online assistant

The carefree days of online assistants are not to be made fun of. These days you can work from literally anywhere, doing anything. The days of being stuck in an office is long over. Many companies hire virtual assistants to save costs without sacrificing quality. A virtual secretary is the same as an in-office secretary, but with some advantages. Honestly, who does not want to sit at a computer and complete the day’s work in their pyjamas?

Wait tables

Don’t worry, not all customers will give you a hard time. This is always what I thought would happen if I ever became a waitress of waitron. It can be one of the most fun things you ever do. Indirectly you will learn customer service lessons that no one could teach you. The endurance and patients you build up when waiting tables will stick with you for the rest of your life. Besides, you get to meet a lot of cool, different and potentially fun people.

Skydiving instructor

Sure, we are not all adventurous and out of our minds but this will stay with you forever. Go ahead and do the course and help people overcome their fears. Being a skydiving instructor will teach you to be resilient and take on any challenge, no matter how terrifying it is. By the time you hit 40, you probably will want to take things a bit slow so you need to experience this before the big 40. You will be changing people’s lives and therefor changing the way you look at life.


Being a teacher does not always mean teaching 6 year olds. It does not even mean becoming a school teacher. There are so many avenues of teaching you could take. You could teach at your current job. Ask for training opportunities and go for it. The teacher many times become the student but not in the way we see it. By teaching someone else, many times we learn valuable lessons ourselves. A teacher never stops learning. They look for ways to broaden their skills and learn new strategies such as attending trainings or pursuing online teaching programs ca.


The unselfish task of volunteering is life changing. You will learn to give without expecting anything in return. There will be great levels of work ethic obtained by you by volunteering. The reason this is important is, you will sometimes be doing a lot of work for no reward. By volunteering, you already expect nothing for your hard work. Everything you do receive will be a bonus.

Run a marathon

Now let me just say, this is by no means something you wake up for tomorrow morning and participate in. A marathon requires intense training and preparation. The mind over matter things is real here. You would need to push yourself beyond any limits you might have. Your career will highly benefit from this because you will not give up quickly when there is a struggle. The perseverance will be embedded in you and display itself at every obstacle you may face.


There must be something you are good at and someone is willing to pay for. Skills are more than just education and achievements. You can become a freelance writer of a freelance photographer to name just two. Tons of people are making a living from their home office, coffee shops and yes, even their couches. When you become a freelances, it is usually doing something you enjoy. Before you get to the stage where life gets too serious, take a year off and do some freelance work. Who knows, you might never go back to that corporate office environment.


Just like teaching, coaching a team of any kind will fulfil you beyond your expectations. Being part of a team is priceless. You feel a sense of belonging and this builds confidence. You are going to need a lot of confidence after you turn 40. Having fun with a bunch of people while achieving a goal is something no one will ever take away from you.

Fitness trainer

There is no need to go and pursue a degree in health and fitness to teach at your local gym. If this is the career of your choice though, getting certified will hold many benefits. You can transform people’s lives through doing this job. There is so many benefits to you when doing this that it would take a while to list. Motivating other to push themselves and become the best version of themselves, will ultimately rub off on you.

Work with animals

Animals are the healing we need sometimes. There is no judgement or criticism when working with our fellow earthlings. When you work with animals, there is a sense of calm that causes the healing to happen beyond anything physical. You will learn to have compassion for the helpless and the importance of unconditional love.

These are my 10 things to aspire to do before the age of 40. Who knows, you might choose one of it as the career of your choice. Life is about learning and loving and enjoying the opportunity to develop yourself. There is no wrong choice when you commit to a career. Sometimes you just need a change and that is perfectly fine. Commit to one or more of these options before your 40s and it might just make you a better candidate for your future job.

Darren Branson is a content manager and a guest post writer. Her hobby is writing, reading and painting. She never gives up as her life motto is “If you can dream it you can do it”.

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