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High Intensity Interval Training to 10x Your Productivity

by Olufisayo
10x Your Productivity

Do you have a system in place to maximize your productivity throughout your workday?

If you’re anything like my entrepreneurial friends and I, then you most likely have a million things going on at any given time. You fill so many roles in your business that you really need to find a way to organize your time in an effective manner.

In this article I am going to teach you how to use High Intensity Interval Training to 10x Your Productivity.

In the mainstream fitness world there is a very effective workout training style called HIIT or high intensity interval training.

This type of training is incredibly effective for burning the most amount of fat in the least amount of time possible. It’s so popular because it’s the perfect balance of efficiency and effectiveness.

Recently I have been experimenting with applying these same principles to my workday. So far I’ve seen some incredible results. My productivity has increased and I have become much more efficient with the time I do spend working. Below I am going to outline how to effectively use HIIT for your workday.

10x Your Productivity


Download and use a pomodoro app that forces you to work in intervals with built in breaks. I would recommend doing 25 minutes of high intensity work with 5 minute low intensity breaks worked in. Though 5 minutes sounds like a long time – this is the most sustainable interval for a long workday.

High intensity work

During your high intensity intervals you should aim to complete at least one major task or reach a major checkpoint in your work. Decide what this is before starting the interval.

Many of us get side tracked by text messages, emails and multi tasking on other projects throughout our workday. These types of activities disrupt our work flow and decrease productivity. To boost productivity and quality of work, make sure that you give the task at hand your undivided attention for the full 25 minutes.

Low intensity breaks

To avoid burn out it’s incredibly important to take your 5 minute breaks and not work through them. These breaks should be used to clear your mind and relax.

I would suggest doing something physical and something social during your break. 25 jumping jacks and responding to texts or talking to a co worker are easy and fun ways to get your blood flowing and get your body releasing some endorphins.


Every person thrives in his or her own unique environment. Experiment with your workflow so you find a way to maximize productivity and fun. A couples ways to do this are changing the amount of time in your interval, as well as the number of intervals that you do in your work day.


Record the number of intervals you are able to complete, as well as the tasks completed in that time. You can do this by recording your intervals and tasks in a  notes page on your phone and checking them off as you complete them.

Measuring how productive you are using this interval training will give you a sense of satisfaction and inspiration to continue this form of working. You can measure you’re productivity by downloading the web app on your computer titled “Rescue Time”.

Give this new workflow a shot for a week and let me know how it goes! Good luck to ya!

Bio: Hi my name is Brandon Epstein and I am the founder of entrepreneurfitness.com. My site is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs optimize their physical, mental and emotional health. It’s my vision to help people create more energy, sexier bodies and more satisfaction than they ever thought possible. My background as a professional fitness model, turned holistic serial entrepreneur has given me the perfect balance of knowledge and experience to speak to entrepreneurs and provide them with all the inspiration and expertise necessary to optimize their health and performance.

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