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3 Signs That You Are Being Discriminated Against At Work

by Olufisayo
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We all want to be treated fairly at work, but sadly employee discrimination is still quite common. There are laws protecting employees in the workplace, but many fail to recognize the signs of discrimination as some of these indications might not be too obvious and often challenging to prove.

There is a big difference between simply disagreeing with your boss and constantly being targeted. Here are some warning signs that you need to look out for in the workplace.

Noticeable red flags

One obvious indicator is the absence of diversity in the workplace, where almost everyone is the same when it comes to race, gender, sexual orientation, or age. This may signify that your employer only hires people that they prefer and not based on their qualifications.

There are several cases wherein discrimination begins during the hiring process. If your interviewer tends to ask you suspicious and stereotyped questions unrelated to the position, you should stop the interview and leave immediately.

Another sign is the presence of gender-based roles, where the men all have managerial positions while the women are tasked to do administrative or mundane duties. Often, women are more qualified than their counterparts, but they are constantly overlooked or denied promotion.

Degrading communication and attitude

More often than not, supervisors who tend to discriminate will use harsh words to their staff, but there are also cases where they will communicate in a derogatory manner that may seem harmless on the onset.

You also need to watch out for offensive remarks or belittling statements pertaining to your gender, race, sexual preference, national origin, or religion. These behaviors are unacceptable regardless of the supposed context.

If you are consistently rejected or denied promotion, even if you have the necessary skills and experience, then this is another clear sign that you are being discriminated against. In many cases, someone less qualified gets promoted, even if you have repeatedly expressed interest in the position.

Unequal workload and compensation

Some employers restrict their employees from discussing their salaries, but discussing how much you are earning with a colleague can help you determine if you are suffering from compensation discrimination. Wage or compensation discrimination occurs when an employee receives a lesser salary because of their gender, race, religion, or age.

Another common discriminatory tactic is when supervisors remove or lessen an employee’s responsibilities or give them tasks that are impossible to complete. When you fail to accomplish the task, your supervisor will criticize or discipline you unjustly. They may be consciously making an effort to build a paper trail for your termination.

If you believe that you are a victim of workplace discrimination, you must seek legal assistance right away. Facing discrimination at work is highly stressful, and it also means that you are not receiving the opportunities that you rightfully deserve. Lack of career growth also translates to financial losses.

Besides getting legal help, you should also learn about forensic audit methods and consider acquiring support from forensic economists. Everyone is entitled to work in a safe environment. We should all know our rights in the workplace and how to protect them in case they get violated.

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