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3 Things That Make a Good Business Name

by Olufisayo
How to Create a Great Business Name

Because your business name is usually the first experience your audience will have with your company, its name could determine failure or long-term success.

Great names are marketable, build a positive reputation, and can enhance a company’s image. Let’s go over three basic things that make a good business name.

Also, the book How to Create a Great Business Name is a great resource that will help you create a great business name.

 How to Create a Great Business Name
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1. Reflects identity

Your business can only have a stellar reputation with a stellar name. Everything your company does reflects what your company is about, and your name mirrors your reputation. There are countless businesses with names that do not fit their image. What will people feel when they hear your name? Why would someone buy from you? What are your values? You want your audience to feel something when they think of your name, and a good name answers these types of questions. Therefore, the first step in creating a business name is discovering the identity of the business.

Your audience’s perception of your image matters. The image of your business determines whether someone will want to do business with you. Your identity affects your image, and your image influences people’s perception. Everyone is looking to answer the question, “Who am I?” We want people to know who we are. This is why we live where we live, drive what we drive, and wear what we wear. If your name can help people identify who they are, then your business will have an edge on the competition. Although it is possible that your business will do fine with a generic name, you have a higher chance of connecting with your audience if you have a name that grabs attention.

Key points

  • A business name is directly tied to its reputation
  • Developing an identity is the first step in creating a good name
  • Have your name represent something that defines what your company represents

2. Easy to say

People like things that are easy, including names. Names that are easy to say are also easy to remember. Plus, names that are easy to say are more likable, and the more likable a name is, the more marketable it can become. Here are some tips to make your name easy to say:

Watch the syllables

  • Try not to go over three syllables. Think of your favorite brands—for example, Target, Apple, or Amazon. There are always exceptions. Banana Republic has six syllables. The purpose of no more than three syllables is a guideline to prevent creating a name that is too long or hard to say.

Keep it simple

  • One way to keep it simple is to keep your name short. Anything fewer than twelve characters is a good start. Also, be careful when adding special characters, like hyphens and apostrophes. (Sometimes larger companies add special characters to their name, but this is usually to make the name distinctive when applying for a registered trademark.) It’s also better to remove unnecessary words like “the” from the name. People usually say a company’s name without the “the.”

Easy to pronounce

  • Most household brand names are easy to pronounce—for example, Disney and Microsoft. You want people to connect with your name when they hear it. A difficult name may sound cool to you, but the same name may turn others off. A name that is easy to pronounce does not take much time to sound out, and it registers fast with the brain. Think twice about creating a name that has an uncommon structure with letters that your audience might be unfamiliar with how to pronounce. English speakers, for example, may have a hard time pronouncing Huawei.

3. Original

Find a word that describes what your company is about in an indirect or a direct way. For example, Twitter means to chat or talk lightly and rapidly—a great representation of what the social media platform is about. However, creating a name that is descriptive is not as good and will likely lead you to an unoriginal, generic name. Let’s take a pest control company called “Bug Killers” for example. Bug Killers is generic because many pest controls companies have “bug” in their name. Customers can confuse “Bug Killers” with other names that have “bug” in it. Then, there is “killers.” Enough said there. Make attempts to think of a positive name instead. A name that’s fun and positive is more appealing to a larger audience.

Other reasons to avoid generic names are that they are harder to become registered trademarks, and they may not yield as much goodwill value as a company with an original name. On the other hand, some generic names resonate well with consumers. If you have a generic name, you can still alter the perception of your audience with great marketing. A catchy slogan or a memorable jingle can also compensate for a generic name.


  • Paint your name in a positive light
  • Generic names are harder to protect
  • Descriptive names often lead to generic names

You’re more likely to come up with a great name for your business and avoid common mistakes when you have the right information and follow the guidelines. So go to www.nameisking.com and see how the book How to Create a Great Business Name can help you create the perfect name.

 How to Create a Great Business Name
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Good article. Loved your point about limiting the syllables to three or less. That was a good point I have not considered before. You are right simple and original is best.
Here’s some funny business names to make you smile – The Codfather (fish & chips), Drapes and Sew Much More, The Lost Sock Laundromat.

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