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3 Ways to Snap More Impressive Product Photos for a Startup

by Olufisayo
Ways to Snap More Impressive Product Photos

Every startup wants to be able to show off their products with the very best photos, but unfortunately more often than not they don’t have the budget to hire a top notch professional photographer.

The good news is that with the right approach you can snap some pretty impressive product photos yourself that should tide you over until you can afford to invest in more professional shots.

All that you really need is a modern digital camera or smartphone with a decent megapixel count, and the right technique:

Make sure the product is well-lit

Wherever you’re placing your product, make sure the product and scene has lots of light. The most budget-friendly choice is to find a place that has lots of natural light coming in through a window or open door (while making sure the sun isn’t in the frame).

Lighting is extremely important however, so if you want you could invest in some cheap but effective lighting solutions that will help illuminate your product from several directions and avoid any hard shadows.

Find ways to keep the camera steady and level

Any movement (even small and imperceptible shifts) can cause your product photos to look much worse – which is why you should find ways to keep the camera steady. If you find it tricky to hold the camera steady, try propping it up against a surface or using a tripod stand. Additionally make sure you align it so that it is level, unless there is some specific reason you want the product to appear at an angle.

Experiment with the composition

Even standalone product photos can benefit from a bit of composition, just be sure the keep the number of elements to a minimum. In any case you should definitely experiment, and find ways to accentuate your product with other elements that can give context to its scale, function or benefits.

Techniques such as the rule of thirds or getting close can help make the composition more interesting – and you should use them if possible.

To add some finishing touches to your product photos and make them truly look good, you should try Movavi Photo Editor. It is an easy to use editor that doesn’t require any prior experience, and yet will let you take your product photos to the next level.

Using the features in Movavi Photo Editor you should be able to quickly enhance the quality of photos, fix any issues, or transform the frame and orientation. On top of that you could go a step further and experiment with filters, remove unwanted elements, touch up portraits, replace the background, add captions, and more.

As you may be starting to see, Movavi Photo Editor can help you to ensure that the product photos you snap for your startup really do look great and stand out. That in itself makes it more than worth trying it out – so be sure to give it a go and see what it can do firsthand.

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