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4 Steps to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead In Business

by Olufisayo
4 Steps to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead In Business

1.    Stop stalling, start doing

People often live under a cloud of doubt when it comes to taking a bold step on their career path. ‘Now isn’t the right time, perhaps a few years down the line the circumstances will be better’. The reality is; the world doesn’t work that way. Whilst you’re busy waiting for the stars to align a competitor has just set up shop or launched their website.

Fortune comes to those who strive for it, not those who sit, patiently waiting for it. Success in your career may come naturally one day, but it will come a hell of a lot quicker if you pick up the mantle yourself and start now.

4 Steps to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead In Business

2.    Never underestimate the power of networking

We still live in an age where who you know is just as important as what you know. Sometimes even the simple steps take a frustratingly lengthy amount of time. Being on first name basis with the individual who is the key to making that step happen, may well halve the time it takes for you to get there. Humans are sociable beings, they want to make friends and they want to be able to help out those friends. So friends in business are definitely worth having. There is an obvious positive to this too; you have a good excuse to go to out tonight. Nobody feels more at ease than with a drink in their hand, so get yourself to the bar after work and build a network of friends with business benefits.

3.    Get the training and education you need

You learn a tremendous amount when you jump in at the deep end with both feet. But you start one step ahead if you already have the industry insight and knowledge on your side. Today there are a wealth of courses that provide you with the tools and tips you will need to do battle in the business world. Technology today allows you to educate yourself without you having to even leave your desk. Learning on the job is invaluable, but you’ll only need to learn half the amount if you’ve learnt the rest before hand.

4.    Work hard, work smart

Maximising the efficiency of your work is vital to ensuring you have all the time in the day you need. A job that takes you four hours could have taken you two and a half if you had been fully focused. People often crawl through their workload because they juggle too many tasks at the same time. Organise yourself, take tasks one at a time and concentrate on them in your entirety. You will find you get all your jobs done in 2/3rds of the time that you would have done, than if you attempt two or three of them at a time. So many budding entrepreneurs have a formidable work ethic, but do they utilize that to maximise efficiency? Unfortunately not. Be the business person that puzzles everyone else when they ask ‘how on earth do they get it all done in a day?’

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