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Ergonomic Environments | 4 Ways to Reengineer the Efficiency of Your Workplace

by Olufisayo
4 Ways to Reengineer the Efficiency of Your Workplace

Have you just found the office of your dreams?  Signed on the dotted line whilst looking around admiringly at the magnificent decor and luxury furnishings, only to find that once you have the keys you are basically looking at a big empty vault?

This happens more frequently that you imagine.  Offices, like houses, can be staged for sale or it may merely be that the previous owner or tenant had good taste and decided to take it with them.  Either way it can be quite disconcerting deciding where to start and as time means money, you need to get it done right and fast.

The one benefit of this situation is that you now have the opportunity of creating a workplace which is specifically designed for your unique business.  Perhaps you already have an office but are looking to reorganise and revitalise your workspaces.  Let’s have a quick look at some methods for optimising the efficiency and output of your business.

4 Ways to Reengineer the Efficiency of Your Workplace

Call in the Pros

If you are poor for time and don’t have staff who are qualified or experienced in office design, then it’s best to call in someone who does.  A full service one stop office interior fitout company can take the huge burden of stress off you by designing or modifying work spaces, sourcing furniture and where required, completely managing site building right down to organising applications, approvals and tradesmen.

Minimise to Maximise

Clearing away the clutter can make a dramatic impact psychologically, aesthetically, and on safety.  Office storage solutions can be useful as well as beautiful and there is a vast selection of contemporary designs available.  Do a stocktake and clear out or archive anything which hasn’t been used in the past year.  Remember that things like boxes and cords lying about can be OH&S minefields and need to be addressed immediately.  It pays to organise regular inspections, staff training and draw up plans and guidelines including inductions for new employees.

Ergonomic Equipment

Ever thought of stand up desks?  Maybe it’s time to start.

According to research stand up desks can lead to 10% greater productivity, create higher energy levels and improve focus.  We all know that peering down at a laptop can be a pain in the neck, so it pays to consider large ergonomic monitors into which your laptop can be quickly and easily connected.  There are a myriad of ergonomic solutions on the market and injury prevention can have benefits not only financially but to your employees mental health and wellbeing.

Consider the benefits of having exercise equipment installed. I have an exercise bike in my office and as my work involves long hours of sitting, a spin on the bike can reduce the feeling that my legs and butt have turned to mush.  It can also help to energise me in the afternoon when one is often overcome by the mid afternoon slump.

Let the Sun Shine In

Interestingly, natural sunlight has been shown to improve employees disposition, energise them and also make them more productive.  Aside from that, natural light cannot be matched for exhilarating beauty.  Unfortunately, while it is difficult to add natural light in a leased office or an existing building, things such as skylights and filtered window treatments can still make an impact.

Whilst the above is not a comprehensive list, it is a place to start.

An efficient and pleasant office is not just a happier place to work but aids staff contentment and retention.  An impressive office which has been designed thoughtfully and ergonomically is also a face for your business and is often the first thing a client will base their opinions of you on – so make it count.

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