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5 Easy Backlink Strategies for Beginners

by Olufisayo
5 Easy Backlink Strategies for Beginners

Every successful SEO makes use of backlinks. This is an important part of digital marketing that you should utilize to improve traffic to your website. It can help to also boost the rank and reputation of a website if applied effectively. The first step to becoming successful with SEO is learning the different strategies you can use to implement your marketing goals.

Here are 5 backlinking strategies that are easy to implement that you should adopt:

1. Guest blog for authority sites

This is one of the most commonly applied backlink strategies out there. And that does not mean it’s not worth trying because it has proved to deliver impressive results. The trick is to look for sites with authority in your niche and submit a guest blog with a link back to your website. Prepare a list of possible sites and list them by domain authority.

Write a perfect pitch and submit to the sites requesting to guest post. You can use their emails or public submission forms to contact them. Once accepted, write high-quality articles that will be published on all of the sites.


2. Produce valuable content

Content is still king and is possibly the most important factor when it comes to marketing your site. SEO is affected by the kind of content you publish. Getting tons of backlinks may not help if you have low-quality content. But how does this relate to link building for SEO?

Good content makes your site a resource and when people want to provide additional information about the topic you have explored, they will link to your article. This effectively earns your site natural backlinks, which is something Google loves.

3. Get listed on online directories

There are many directories on the web that are dedicated to different industries. Find one that is focused on your industry and ensure your website is listed there. You can get listed in more than one.

The best thing about directories is that most of them offer do-follow links, which contribute to the link juice of your site. Those backlinks count and could help in establishing the authority of your website.

4. Business listings/citations

Google approves of business listings as part of the factors its search algorithm considers. A lot of listings give do-follow backlinks. The most effective include business citations, which are good when you want to build trust around your website.

Business listings and social media accounts are among trusted platforms that you could use. However, you should always approach any linking services with moderation to avoid getting a blast of many weak links.

5. Ask bloggers for a review

This strategy is highly effective if you are selling some products through your website. Before you take this route, ensure your product is good and perfect for a review. You have to find top bloggers who occasionally review products then submit a pitch to have your product reviewed.

To get quick approval, you should learn how to craft good emails that don’t sound spammy. Be human and friendly and tell the blogger how you found about them. Share some information about the product and offer to send them the product for free.

Successful SEO is supported by a strong link building strategy. There are many methods you can rely on including gray hat strategies, which as you can see have not been included here because of the risk.

The best way to earn links is to look for white hat methods like guest posting, business citations, and also adding your site to business directories. Ensure to also create resourceful content that people will feel the need to link back to.

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