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5 HR Myths Busted

by Olufisayo
5 HR Myths Busted

A profession in HR is filled with ambiguity and when you meet someone in a non-professional setting and tell them that you work in HR, they have an automatic response of, “oh, you must fill in the blank”. However, there are many myths associated with HR that need to be dealt with today.

1.     HR Employees have it All Figured Out

People assume that getting a job and expertise in human resource means that you know it all and have it all figured out. Although it is true that HR professionals deal with tasks and operations that are wide-ranged and vary in their nature, it doesn’t mean that each HR worker will possess knowledge of a legal nature, finances and everything related to every department. They do have a solid understanding of handling queries, complaints and resolution of disputes.

They are required to handle many tasks at once but still, that doesn’t mean that they are a jack of all trades.

5 HR Myths Busted2.     HR is Only Concerned with Promoting the Company’s Best Interests

Although it is a responsibility of HR to promote and enhance the company image and to promote its interest, it is not their main objective. Their main objective is to take a balanced approach while working with the employees, promoting their interests as well as the company’s and finding a middle ground in case there is a clash of interests.

3.     HR is Required to Maintain Complete Confidentiality

There can be many instances when an HR department is faced with an employee’s compliant in lieu of sexual harassment or any other unethical behaviour that they might have encountered. Employees expect them to maintain an extreme level of confidentiality while divulging personal information. If you are not personally friends with them, don’t expect them to keep any damaging or incriminating information to themselves as they will be obligated to inform a superior or the higher management. If an issue of a sensitive nature is brought to them, it is their responsibility it resolve it in an effective and efficient manner.

4.     HR Professionals can Help in Negotiations

Some people believe that if you befriend an HR professional, you may have an upper hand while negotiating your employment terms. While they do have some insider information about the inner workings of a company, it is considered unethical and unreasonable to expect them to help you during your negotiations with the management for a better pay scale and appraisal.

5.     HR Employees Have Better Remunerations and Benefits

Just because they handle that part of the business doesn’t mean that they have their own appraisal in their own hand. This is a common misconception and a damaging myth that has prevailed in the job market. People believe that HR employees have better salaries and benefit packages than the rest of employees since they are the ones who are structuring the pay plans, insurance benefits and leaves. However, you will be surprised to know that HR employees receive a general framework of salary packages, number of leaves and insurance benefits from the management and the they have to operate within the devised outlines that are provided. They don’t have a free reign to do whatever they want and however they want.

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