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Safety First: 5 Important Facts about Stretch Film Application That Your Employees Need to Know

by Olufisayo
Stretch Film Application

Stretch film is a material that’s widely used in the industry to package things up and secure them for transportation. For example, it comes in handy when you need to transport multiple items or boxes via a pallet, and you want to ensure that nothing falls off or moves during the process. At first glance, stretch film application may seem simple, but there are certain guidelines you always need to follow to ensure a proper safety at all times.

1. How thin should the stretch film be?

A lot of people go for the thinner stretch film to save money and reduce costs, but is this truly a good idea? In practice, using a thinner stretch film will not always translate to money savings, since a thinner one will provide less wrapping force due to an increased number of film breaks, which often leads to you having to use multiple layers of it. Therefore, the bigger and heavier the object you’re trying to wrap is, the thicker the stretch film you should be using.

Stretch Film Application

2. The proper way to stretch wrap a pallet

The first step is to squeeze out approximately a yard of plastic. Use about 8 to 10 inches to form a rope which you should then use to start the wrapping process around the base of the pallet. Proceed to go around the pallet at least 5 times. Make sure that everything is wrapped up tightly, because fixating the products inside is the main goal of the procedure. After this is done, check if anything moves. If yes, simply make a couple of passes around the problematic parts until everything is stable.

3. Always ensure structural integrity

Typically, you should wrap a pallet from the bottom to the top. If the contents are moving around or aren’t stable enough, you should apply an additional layer from top to bottom (so just the other way around). Once this is done, tear away the leftover wrap and use one of the pallet’s edges to fold the end underneath.

4. When to use a stretch wrap machine?

If the place you’re working at has one available, by all means, go for it. This will streamline the packaging process and make it much faster to complete. However, if you’re working in a small business, it’s not a given that the place is going to have one available. Typically, small business owners decide to acquire it when they need to wrap up 15 loads on a daily basis or more to increase productivity.

5. The final security pointers

– Avoid applying the stretch film on soft ground.

– The workplace should not contain smoke, and it should be properly ventilated and dry.

– If you need to move the wrap machine, do not drag or push it! Use a forklift instead.

– Always follow common sense and other workplace security guidelines.


By following the stretch film application security guidelines we’ve outlined today, you’ll be greatly reducing the chances of someone getting hurt and ensure the pallets are wrapped up tightly and securely. Good luck!

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