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5 Reasons to Update Your Company Logo in 2018

by Olufisayo
5 Reasons to Update Your Company Logo in 2018

A logo is the cornerstone of branding for any business. It’s the first impression a consumer gets of your company. A great logo represents your company identity, and conveys important messages. It’s also the first thing someone thinks about or relates to when you mention a brand or a product.

Why risk losing recognition when you’ve worked so hard to get it? Here are 5 reasons to update your company logo.

  1. You’re not portraying the right image for your brand

The first thing someone sees when they think about your business is your logo. If what people think of when they see your logo isn’t what you want your company to be known for, it might be time to update your logo.

For example, If you have a brightly colored logo with fancy design yet you’re in a more serious industry,  you may not be portraying the right image for your brand.

One way to update your logo is to look at what made other logos successful. This analysis of Fortune 500 company logos shows the facets of some of the most memorable and successful logos.

5 Reasons to Update Your Company Logo in 2018

  1. Your logo looks too similar to another brand

By having a logo that’s similar to another brand, you’re basically allowing them to take money from your potential sales. When a company created a logo similar to Reebok’s, it allowed them to jump on board with Reebok brand recognition. It’s time to update your logo if it looks similar to another brand.

  1. The logo feels outdated

Technology upgrades and updates so quickly, it’s hard to stay ahead of the changes. However, if you don’t work to update your marketing materials as the market changes, your branding can be left in the dust. Your logo is one of the strongest marketing tools, and it needs to be refreshed like every other marketing material.

There are a variety of ways to do this if you aren’t interested in an entire logo overhaul. You can make subtle changes over time, just like Coca-Cola does. The brand always seems to have that fresh, new look right? Changes were being made, and most consumers weren’t aware which means there was no loss of brand recognition.

  1. You’re adapting for social media

Not all images work for every social media platform. If you have a larger logo with text and images, it’s likely you’ll want to rework it to suit your social media channels.

  1. Your business has expanded

If your company has experienced some kind of change (whether that’s in expanding your offerings or adding more locations), it’s probably time to upgrade your company logo. Your old logo is associated with what your company used to offer. Having a visual change in your marketing materials will signal a “deeper” change.

Your marketing efforts should be working to build your brand recognition. However sometimes, there are reasons to update your logo. It’s important to stay ahead of your competition, and stay memorable to your audience. Maybe 2018 is the year for you to revamp your brand and make these changes. That sounds like the perfect new year’s resolution for your business.

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