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5 Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Kitchen Organized

by Olufisayo
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A busy restaurant service that goes without a hitch and achieves the goal of delivering perfect food in a timely manner is perfectly achievable if everything in the kitchen is brilliantly organized.

Even in the chaos of a busy period where the orders are stacking up if there is a plan to work to and a good level of organization your restaurant will be able to deliver a first-class service and experience.

How do you keep your restaurant kitchen well organized? Here are some useful tips.

Food labeling is a great solution on so many levels

The use of food stickers in a restaurant kitchen has to be considered an absolute priority.

It is a simple but effective way of making sure that all food items are easily identified using a labeling system. That information also extends to critical data such as expiry dates and allergy warnings.

Food labeling is really important in a commercial kitchen. It also helps you to be well organized and prepare the food with greater efficiency.

Create designated zones

Many restaurant kitchens operate in an environment where space is at a premium. That is why it is critical that you create designated zones for food preparation and other relevant tasks.

When you have a design and a system so that you know where everything belongs in the kitchen it becomes a lot easier to be better organized during busy periods.

Maximize your storage space

Another challenge is arranging your most frequently used items so that they are easily reached each time you want to use them.

Make the most of hanging space as well as floor space. Hanging items like utensils, pots, and pans, and other regular kitchen items, can make it easier to grab them quickly. It is also neater from an organizational point of view.

Organize your fridge

A good way of organizing the fridge in a restaurant kitchen would be to use a proven storage method of “first in, first out”.

This simple strategy involves putting items in chronological order into the fridge. Put the oldest at the back and work forward. That way, you know to grab what’s at the back first and keep on top of expiry date issues.

Labeling also helps keep this system in check.

Open storage units are best

As much as it might look neat to have items stored away in closed storage units, it is not very practical to work this way in a restaurant kitchen.

If you want better organization it is better to replace closed storage units with open shelving.

It is still perfectly possible to achieve neatness and good organization with a shelving system. You get the best of both worlds with this concept. You still enjoy a good level of order and neatness, but you also enjoy easier access to the items you need to use on a regular basis.

Your main focus is to produce great food in your restaurant kitchen. To be able to achieve that goal you need to be as well organized as possible. These simple but effective ideas can help you to do that.

Photo by Daniel Nijland on Unsplash

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