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5 Tips for Opening up Shop during Corona Restrictions

by Olufisayo
Opening up Shop

While online businesses did have to deal with certain issues during corona, they were able to handle things well. However, the same can’t be said about brick-and-mortar stores.

Shops and stores around the world took a hard hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these businesses had to close their doors. The situation got truly devastating.

However, it seems like they are opening back up again in many places. While they will be under restrictions to keep everyone safe, it’s good news for employers and employees alike. Not to mention, the people who prefer in-person shopping to online.

Therefore, let’s go through five simple tips for opening up your shop or store for business.

Be Clear About the Restrictions

The authorities are finally letting shops and stores reopen for business. But they are only doing so if the businesses are able to follow the guidelines. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations set by your region.

Furthermore, you can take some time to figure out whether your current business plans and models still make sense.

Prepare Your Space

Take account of all your facilities. Think, can they support the new requirements? Are there any ways to maximize the efficiency of the space? And are your facilities physically prepared?

It would be best to reevaluate your finances and income projections. Find out whether your income will able to support the current facilities and the added operating costs for the new safety measures.

In case your current facilities are not suitable. Consider taking on a partner, moving to another space, or renting out a part of your existing space, among other options.

Find out if your current facilities will be able to meet the physical requirements. For starters, your customers will need to practice social distancing. Your employees also need to socially distance themselves. Finally, your employees and customers need to as well.

You also need to make sure the offices, storage, docks, bathrooms, breakrooms, and other spaces can follow the restrictions.

Establish COVID-19 Screening Protocols

Screening for COVID-19 might be the most crucial part of opening up the shops and stores. You don’t only need to check your employees every day, but also every single one of your customers.

The usual plan is to check the temperature and keep an eye out for some of the symptoms of coronavirus. But, you can do one better and use a COVID 19 screening tool. By taking better safety measures, your customers will feel safer, and it can improve your bottom line.

Remember, communicate all of your security measures to your consumers through social media or your site. Otherwise, they might feel some inconvenience.

Offer Alternative Options

Even though you’re opening up shop, not every one of your customers may like to come in for shopping. Some people may still prefer to play it safe.

Therefore, try to offer alternative options to in-person shopping. Some businesses are offering contactless pickup options and home deliveries for their customers. This allows you to have fewer employees at the actual shop. Therefore, you might even save some money. Also, these options will allow you to adhere to the social distancing protocols more easily.

Prepare and Train Your Employees

Whatever protocols you set in place only matter or take place when your employees do them. But, they can’t follow the procedure you put in place if you don’t give them appropriate training first.

Therefore, you should update all your employees on the policies and procedures. These would include:

  • Safety guidelines
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Health monitoring
  • COVID 19 screening
  • Local laws relating to COVID 19

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