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5 Tips for Safely Shipping Delicate Products

by Olufisayo
Safely Shipping Delicate Products

Shipping delicate and expensive items is an exceptionally nerve-wracking time, especially if you’ve never done it before. Items that require a certain level of finesse when it comes to handling can induce anxiety as soon as those items leave your possession.

Medical equipment, musical instruments, and any other fragile or delicate products require an extra level of precautionary measures to ensure that the item reaches its destination in the condition that it was sent in.

If you’re shipping an item of this nature soon, below are five tips to help you do that with confidence:

  1. Packaging Materials

Wrap each delicate item separately in high-quality packaging materials that are specifically designed for shipping delicate items. Bubble wrap, packaging beads, corrugated sheets, and other cushioning materials are an effective way to keep your products safe during shipment.

Depending on the distance your parcel is traveling, you might want to investigate reinforced boxes, double-boxing techniques, and even including foam inserts, to keep your items safe and protected – particularly if you will be shipping items overseas.

  1. Labeling

The correct labeling on delicate shipments is essential.

It won’t offer complete protection in a literal sense, but it helps the people handling the package to know what to expect. When labeling your parcel for shipping, remember to add the recommended stickers to the packaging – i.e., fragile, etc.

Before dropping off the package, take clear photographs from multiple angles. That way, if anything happens during shipping, you can file a claim knowing that you did everything in your power to keep the parcel safe.

  1. Invest In Protective Cases

If you’re looking to take your packaging to the next level, invest in an optimal shipping case designed specifically for fragile or sensitive items.

The types of protective road cases on this website could get repaired if necessary. Meaning that with the proper care, they can last for multiple years – making them a sound investment. A high-quality case like this will give you the peace of mind you so desperately crave during the shipping process to any local or global shipping destination.

  1. Choose The Right Courier

Reputable courier companies offer appropriate insurance coverage for your delicate products – which comes at a fee. If your item is fragile and valuable, it is worth paying the extra premium for the added peace of mind.

That doesn’t mean the couriers will be rougher with your shipment because it is covered; it usually means the opposite – they will be much more careful with it because they won’t want to explain how avoidable damages occurred.

  1. Shipment Tracking

Most courier services offer a tracking feature that allows customers to monitor their package throughout the shipment process. That provides some peace of mind during the shipping process – by enabling a 24/7 monitoring capability, customers can always check their items’ progress by themselves and not need to wait for courier updates.

While that won’t necessarily offer added protection to the fragile items, you will at least know when to expect your delivery.

To End

Shipping delicate and expensive products can be incredibly stressful for both the sender and the recipient, but – by following these five steps above, you can significantly increase the likelihood of your parcels arriving in one piece.

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

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