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5 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Store Sales

by Olufisayo
5 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Store Sales

Every ecommerce store wants to boost its sales. This is how they make money. But not all of them do equally well. If generating more sales is your store’s biggest challenge ever, the following 5 smart ways to increase ecommerce store sales will put you on the right track.

Use right marketing channels

When you’re selling products online, you cannot go without marketing. You’ve to find the right people who will be interested in your product and show them your product.

The marketing channel you choose should be related to your target audience preferences and at the same time, it should go well with your business and marketing strategy.

For instance, video marketing is said to be one of the best ways to market on the internet. But not all people love watching videos. If your target audience doesn’t like watching videos, you shouldn’t use videos to promote your products.

Being on the right marketing channel at the right time where your target audience hangs out is the best way to boost ecommerce sales.

5 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Store Sales

Use customized landing pages

Do you create a new landing page for each marketing campaign for your store?

You should because this is what 48% marketers do.

You’ve to create at least one landing page for each marketing campaign. It is, however, better to create multiple landing pages for each campaign so that you can easily split test headlines, forms, CTAs, and other variables.

A customized landing page that promotes one and only one offer with minimal distractions converts exceptionally well. A potential buyer who visits your landing page should have one option – buy.

Use affiliate marketing

This shouldn’t be surprising. One of the best ways to increase ecommerce store sales is to create an affiliate program. Let affiliates do all the hard work while you sit back and relax.

There are several affiliate marketing networks out there that will help you connect with the right affiliate marketers. Here are a few leading affiliate networks:

  1. Rakuten Marketing
  2. Conversant
  3. ShareASale
  4. Flex Offers
  5. Avangate

You can choose to partner with only a few top affiliates instead of joining an affiliate network. This works best because you’ll maintain fair control on your brand reputation.

Offer free shipping

Have you tried free shipping for your ecommerce store?

You should because 9 out of 10 consumers reported that free shipping is the number one incentive that compels them to shop online.

Free shipping is a powerful motivator for consumers. Even if the shipping cost is $1, it will still turn your customers away.

If you cannot offer free shipping, you can adjust it with the price. Or, you can come up with a shipping strategy similar to Amazon or any other leading store. They offer free shipping for a minimum order amount (like $50). This makes it easier for stores to absorb shipping cost.

Do give it a try. It is sure to blow you away.

Use lead magnets and tripwires

Consumers are reluctant to buy online. This is the reason why some brands use lead magnets and tripwires to gain the trust of the consumers and meantime, they build a strong relationship with them.

Instead of selling your core product to your target audience, you’ve to go a different route.

  1. Use lead magnets to build an email list of potential buyers.
  2. Persuade them to buy a low price product known as tripwire. It has to be less than $10. The idea is to gain the trust of your subscribers.
  3. Finally, push your core product that is relatively high-priced. Since they have been on your list for some time and they have a successful transaction with your store, they’re more likely to buy the core product.

Let’s incorporate these 5 techniques to boost store sales and see what works best for you.

Author Bio: Sabih Javed is a digital marketer who helps businesses in achieving their digital marketing goals. He is the founder of DigitalMarketer.pk. Follow him on Twitter.

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