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5 Ways You Could Use Virtual Assistants to Increase the Productivity of Your Real Estate Business

by Olufisayo
Virtual Assistants

There is no doubt that the real estate is a very involving industry and any sluggishness could cost your business dearly. As an expert in the real estate industry, Experienceinvest has been providing investors with tips on how to better tap into the real estate niches in the UK.

Successful real estate agents will understand what it means to incorporate automated systems in the real estate market. Creating a system to help you handle nearly every process will give you enough time to work on other things that could also help boost your sales and revenue. Virtual assistants, in this case, have proven to be valuable assets to real estate agents. The UK market is one that requires constant analysis and statistical evaluation. This means that you as a real estate agent would have too much on your plate hence the need to hire a virtual assistant to make your life a little flexible and convenient.

So how can a virtual assistance help you?

 Virtual Assistants


UK real estate agents dread the task of making cold calls to potentially unprofitable leads. You will get further frustrated when these leads to result to buy-ins. This why you may need someone to take over this cruel task, as you look to save time for highly successful income generating activities. And no alternative option is better than a virtual assistance.

Administrative Tasks

Virtual assistants lend a hand in your daily administrative duties including confirming appointments, setting up of appointments and even sending of fax messages. Your only role will be to come up with a system that can coordinate these tasks and then hand the system to the VA. You will have saved a lot of crucial time which as a real agent can find real value for.

Internet Marketing

For real estate internet marketing tasks such as posting of SEO blogs, generating viral videos and managing of your business’s profiles on social media, you can outsource these to a VA. There is only too much that you can do at the same time, and a little assistance would be highly welcomed.


While it is always advisable that you put your eyes on every financial record for your real estate transactions, you can always do this later when you have some free time. Financial records and documentation require a keen eye which means you cannot simply take a peep at them and continue with other chores. Luckily, you can let a VA assist you with the recording of all your transactions. You will be happy to know that a VA can also perform record audits.

Marketing Campaigns

Did you know that you can save yourself the painful task of setting up marketing campaigns by simply hiring a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant can be very efficient when it comes to design and mailing of flyers. Similarly, advanced VA could also help you in setting up of an Interactive Voice Response which would provide your leads with your real estate products.

UK real estate agents receive an average of 48-50 leads per month according to Experienceinvest. This is related to the 579 actual calls from the total overall of 1,397 calls. This could provide a serious challenge to real estate agents who may have to deal with even higher figures. But, you can easily avoid the headaches by hiring a virtual assistant without compromising on the success of your real estate business.

Elena is a Real Estate and Finance Content Executive at experiencinvest.com.  She is a passionate blogger and an avid traveller. Outside of work she helps young adults get a better understanding of how they can stay out of financial troubles.

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