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5 Ways Your Business Can Use Video For Better Customer Service

by Olufisayo
Video For Better Customer Service

No business will survive if they’re known for providing poor customer service. You need to keep client satisfaction high and encourage brand loyalty at every turn. Improving your customer retention is a key measure to this, and even a scant 5% improvement in customer retention can improve your profitability by up to 75%, according to a study by Bain.

Your company should continue to innovate in your customer service approaches, including following your customers online and should always strive to improve the way that you communicate with your customers.

Video is one of the best ways for you to improve that communication, and video is quickly becoming the primary method of communicating online, and an estimated 80% of traffic will be driven by video by 2019. If you’re stuck on how to integrate video into your business today, here are five fast ways to do that.

How-To Videos

No matter what product or service you sell, customers are going to have questions about how to use it. The best way for you to answer the bulk of these questions is to design a How-To guide that gets your customer up and running quickly, and there is no better way to do that than video.

Unlike text or audio, video allows you to show customers exactly how to do something, and having videos available to them for training purposes will allow them to playback parts of the How-To that they are struggling with, allowing them to fix many of their own problems before coming to you for help. Not only does it increase customer engagement, but it also makes your life a lot easier.

FAQ Videos

While How-To videos may be used to help solve many of the major problems that customers run into, it can also be helpful to record short, 1-2 minute clips that solve many of the common questions and issues that customers have.

Sourcing these FAQ topics is simple too – all you have to do is look at your past customer support questions, and you’ll be able to easily pick out a few topics that are stumbling blocks for your customer base.

Not only does creating FAQ videos continue to reduce the strain on your customer support team, but it shows that you are proactive with answering customer questions, and it improves customer engagement even further.

Live Video Chat with Customers

One of the most time-tested customer support methods is the customer support hotline. When there is a serious issue with your product, or you sell a high-priced product or service, your customers expect fast, immediate solutions to their problems.

This is easier than ever today, as live video chat solutions have made it simple for you to connect to your customers quickly, and video chat companies like Agora.io have simple video and audio chat solutions that can be added to an existing website or application with as little as four lines of code.

A video chat solution like Agora.io allows you to quickly get in touch with customers and solve their problem in the same manner that you would if you were sitting right next to them. This personal service bridges the gap between online and offline sales, and brings more personality back to the customer support process, a huge win for your business.

Customer Review Testimonials

Serving your customer isn’t just about making sure that your current customers are happy, but about serving your future customer base as well. The best way to do that is by showing your customers just how it feels to be a satisfied customer of your business, and a great way to do that is by recording testimonials from actual customers and displaying them prominently on your website or on social media.

While listing out features of your product is nice, showing prospective customers that there are plenty of other people who use and recommend your product can tip the scale in your favor and improve conversions on the front-end.


Recording webinars are a great way to sell to a wide range of customers and provides an interactive forum for them to ask questions about your business.

When you’ve moved past introducing new customers to your company, inviting them to a webinar where they can learn more about your product will allow you to quickly answer any nagging questions that they have, which could have been preventing them from buying from you.

You can also use webinars as a training and onboarding tool for new customers, allowing you to provide intensive training without the high cost and time required to travel to each customer individually.

Using video is an excellent way to connect with customers, and it can provide your business with a more powerful method of increasing customer engagement as well, whether that’s through providing fast answers to support questions or improving your sales funnel and customer service on the frontend. Have you been using video to better your business? Let us know what you’ve found to be most effective in the comments.

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