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7 Little Bargain Shopping Tips That Will Save You Major Money

by Olufisayo
Bargain Shopping Tips

Finding a bargain can be an exciting experience, but it’s not something you always encounter. Or is it? When these 7 simple and easy tips from smart shopper, you’ll be bringing home bargains every time you shop.

Keep yourself in the loop.

Most people have at least three or four stores that they shop at regularly for everything from food to shoes. If this is the case, make sure you receive any and all forms of communication from them. Sign up for email newsletters, read weekly ads, follow them on social media, and download their apps. You will always know when a good sale is happening.

Bargain Shopping Tips

Use coupons.

There are so many ways to find coupons these days. You can clip them from the Sunday newspaper like your mom’s generation, you can find websites provide coupon dedicated exclusively to coupons check out the coupon udemy coupon : 99% Off udemy coupons, promo codes, and you can sign up for a particular store’s various programs that mail or email coupons right to you.


Did you fall in love with that cute dress at your favorite store in the mall? Wait about six weeks — that’s how long it takes most retailers to put an item on sale. You can also shop end of the season clearance for good deals.

Look for flaws.

Dented cans. Stained shirts. A scratched washing machine. Most stores will mark down flawed items, so if you spot a flaw, point it out to a salesperson or manager and flat out ask if you can receive a discount on it.

Except nothing less than free shipping.

Paying for shipping is old-school. Many stores offer free shipping if you buy so much at a time, so make your online shopping experiences count. If you want a particular item that is sold at various stores, browse until you find a store that will send it to you for free.

Ask about special discounts.

Are you over 60? A veteran or member of the military? A police officer? A teacher? A college student? Many stores and retailers offer discounts for people who are members of these groups and more. Never hesitate to ask. Much of the time you can save 10 to 20 percent just by showing your ID.

Shop on Tuesday evenings.

Sure, you had a long day at work, but you can totally make up for it when you score some major bargains. Retailers tend to mark items down on Tuesdays more than any other day of the week, and because Tuesday is already a slow shopping day, chances are you will have first choice of the items on sale.

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