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7 Ways to Make Extra Money without Quitting your Job

by Olufisayo
Make Extra Money

It seems these days that everyone is looking for ways to make extra money. Unfortunately, many common money-making plans would cut into time on the job. For those who have full-time jobs, but still need a little extra cash, these are a few ways that you can make extra money without quitting your job.

1 – Become an Uber or Lyft Driver

One side job that many people have been successful at is becoming a driver for companies such as Uber or Lyft. There are many steps involved in this endeavor. Of course, the first one is to make sure that you meet their driver criteria. No one under 21 can apply, and you must have had a license for a minimum amount of time.

Some require a person to be licensed for one year. Uber requires three years if you are under the age of 23. You must also have car insurance in your own name, a valid U.S. license and Social Security number, and agree to a background check. There are many other requirements that must be met to become an Uber or Lyft driver. Your vehicle must meet certain criteria and be inspected, and you must pass their application process.

2 – Sell Unwanted Items Online

There are several different sites online that you can sell your unwanted items. Has it been in the closet for months without being worn? Sell it and make money back. What about all of those boxes in the attic full of things you haven’t seen in years? Sell it. What about all of those boxes in the attic full of things you haven’t seen in years? Sell it. Facebook has many yard sale groups that cater to your area for selling your stuff.

You might also choose to sell on Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay. Folks have been known to make hundreds and even thousands of dollars selling unused possessions on these sites. Learn Few tips on how to become an Amazon seller.

3 – Deliver Goods and Groceries

Not only can you raise a little extra cash in your spare time by using your car as an Uber, you can also use your car, bike, or even feet as a way to deliver goods and groceries with Postmates.

According to their site, it is fast and easy to sign up and it is something you can do on your own schedule. No fees are included so you get to keep all of your earnings. Of course, this and similar apps and tools would work better in larger cities than in small towns.

4 – Become a Bookkeeper

According to Pennyhoarder, you could earn up to 60 dollars in an hour in your spare time by becoming a bookkeeper. You do not have to be a Certified Public Accountant. You simply need to know how to use a computer, have decent math skills, and a desire to help others with their businesses.

Since many business owners find it hard to keep up with their books, and bookkeepers are few and far between, this is a great way to make extra money while keeping your job.

5 – Work on Taskrabbit

Taskrabbit is a website that connects local people who have chores or jobs with locals who want to earn money doing those chores and jobs. The app will notify you if there are any jobs in your area. You can choose which ones you want to do. You and the client can then work out all the details, such as pay, time, etc. Once you finish the job, simply invoice the client and get paid!

6 – Work on Upwork

There are many different ways to earn money on sites such as Upwork. You can bid on jobs, set your own rates, and choose which ones to work on. There are hourly jobs and those that pay only once a milestone has been met. Whether you want to work in your spare time as a freelance writer, editor, web, mobile and software developer, customer service rep, marketing, or hundreds of other jobs, Upwork probably has something to fit your skill level.

7 – Keep Kids or Dogs

You can also make extra money without quitting your job by babysitting or pet sitting. In some cases, you might even be able to “double up” on jobs with these choices. If you are staying with someone’s pet, for example, there is no reason you can’t also go on Upwork or TaskRabbit and complete a job or two. Dog walking is also a way to earn extra cash and can coincide with pet sitting.

No matter which of these choices you decide to do, they can all be done in your spare time away from your full-time job. There is a lot of extra money to be made, and there is no reason to lose any time from work to make it. Simply decide which jobs are a better match for your and your skill set and get to work. Happy earning!

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