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9 Office Essentials Every Small Company Needs

by Olufisayo
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Did you know that more than 50 percent of all Americans either own their own business or work for a small business owner? Or, that two-thirds of new job employers are small businesses?

In other words, entrepreneurs are the primary drivers of the economy. What’s more, they wear many different hats. 66 percent report being responsible for three or more of the following areas:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Human resources
  • Customer Service
  • IT
  • Product development

If you’re a smaller business owner, we’re willing to wager you also have many different tasks on your plate. So, it’s important to encourage efficiency and increase productivity by stocking the right office essentials. Here are nine office essentials for your small business.

1. Computer, Monitor, and High-Speed Internet

When it comes to running a business in the Digital Age, you won’t get far unless you’re connected. That means the first investment in your office should be a computer and monitor that meet the needs of your industry and business.

For small marketing firms and freelance writers, you may not need much beyond a computer that can handle word processing and SEO applications. But other industries require everything from CAD to CRMs.

Besides the right computer and monitor, you also need access to a consistent source of high-speed internet. From checking emails to Skyping with potential customers and more, don’t skimp when it comes to a solid connection.

If you have other employees at your company, then you’ll also need to make sure that they have the right equipment to be effective. Of course, adding more computers means added IT needs.

Don’t let a virus compromise your system before you decide it’s time to outsource. Remain proactive about online security from the get-go to avoid potentially dangerous problems.

2. Desk and Chair

After you’ve got the right tech gear to get started, you need a proper desk and chair setup. You’ve got more options than ever when it comes to this part of your small business essentials.

So, keep the lines of communication with employees open. After all, they may have different orthopedic and chiropractic needs.

Some employees may even ask for a standing desk setup or sitting on a ball. Others may need ergonomic chairs specially designed to address back issues.

And don’t skimp when it comes to finding the right chair for yourself. 

As an entrepreneur, you may log more hours at your computer than anyone else in the company. That can spell trouble when it comes to back, neck, and shoulder health.

3. Proper Lighting

Did you know that improper lighting can lead to headaches? In some cases, such as when fluorescent lights flicker before needing to be replaced, they can even trigger migraines.

Besides these issues, poor lighting can also lead to eye fatigue and squinting. It can make it difficult to read and even lead to mistakes and other issues on the page.

So, make lighting just as essential to your office as the chairs and desks that you use.

4. Software

What types of software capabilities do you need in your office setting? Is word processing an essential part of your daily routine?

How about generating spreadsheets? Visual components essential to graphic design? Or, email management applications?

Likely, every function performed in your office has an associated application or software requirement. And don’t forget about the software related to small business accounting and expense tracking.

Make sure all of these needs are addressed with the proper software so that you can focus on running your business.

5. VoIP and/or Telephones

Whether you opt for mobile phones of VoIP technology, you’ll need a good internet-based phone service. But you may also wish to consider a more traditional landline.

If you’re working from home, you won’t need VoIP technology. But you’ll still need consistent access to a phone service so that you can communicate with customers, employees, vendors, accountants, and more.

6. Printer

You might think the days of printers are over. Especially if you pride yourself on running a paperless home office. But the need to print out important documents will still arise.

Besides this, office printers today are multipurpose machines that can fulfill a variety of offices needs, even if printing out a steady stream of hard copy documents isn’t among them.

Faxing, scanning, and making copies are all essential and regular functions at a small business office. These tools prove necessary for other things, too, such as dealing with banks and lenders.

Don’t hamper your functionality by overlooking this small business office essential.

7. Network Router and Uninterrupted Power Supply

If you have more than one computer that needs to function on the internet at a time, then you’ll need a network router. So, add this to your list of small business essentials.

And here’s an important caveat. If you have a variety of laptops, computers, and other devices located in different parts of your home office, then you should go with a wireless router to meet your networking needs.

You should also have an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). Not sure why?

Just think about the recent PG&E-induced blackouts in California. A UPS gives you essential time to save your work and shut down your equipment.

8. Personal Server or Backup Drive

You must have a place where you can back up and protect your data, whether you operate an office or work from home. Yes, you can use cloud-based services to backup this data.

But you should also have an in-house backup system. Personal servers or external drives are both excellent options that prove affordable and provide peace of mind.

9. File Cabinet and Rubber Stamps

Some more traditional office gear is also crucial to daily operations. This includes investing in a sturdy filing cabinet and rubber stamps.

No matter how paperless you’d like to be, situations will still arise when you need to keep hard copy records. The easiest and best place to store these remains a file cabinet. That way, everything you need will be right at your fingertips.

You should also invest in rubber stamps for your business. From address stamps to time stamps and more, you’ll be amazed by how often you find yourself using them. Visit this website to find out more about their endless possibilities.

Office Essentials to Put You on the Fast Track to Success

With the office essentials above addressed, you’ll be in a much better spot to run an effective, streamlined small business. From computers and high-speed internet to file cabinets and rubber stamps, these office items are must-haves.

Ready for more secrets of entrepreneurship to put you on the fast track to success? Browse our blog now for the tips your business needs to ramp up ROI and gain new customers.

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