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A Better Way to Share a Webinar with Your Team

by Olufisayo
A Better Way to Share a Webinar with Your Team

Webinars for Business are an important tool. However, given the hectic schedule in today’s world, it becomes impossible for everyone to attend. More often, it is the head of the department and a few associates that attend such calls. However, what about the remainder of the team? Most often, they have to depend on the notes taken by others.

The obvious question is what about screen capture software?

When it comes to web based seminars, such software is not always the best option. However, of late, a company called as Movai has come up with a better solution. They have created an all in one tool. The tool acts as an editor as well as a capture device. The obvious question is how does this help with such webinars? As per the information available on the website, this tool can capture and edit any screen on a Mac operating system.

A Better Way to Share a Webinar with Your Team

This makes it stable and simple to operate. It means that the user does not have to learn any new commands. He or she can use the existing commands and gestures to make the software work for them. It also means that the operation will be smooth and without error of any kind.  However, when we think of screen capture software, we associate it with poor quality images. We assume that sound cannot be captured.

Movavi states that the software can easily handle capturing and reproducing the entire webinar. This is down to the technology employed the company. This technology ensures that no matter what content needs to be captured, it is done with consummate ease. The software can easily handle audio, video and even clips at just the click of a button.

The editor adds a different level of functionality here. It allows the user the complete freedom to modify the captured content. The editor also does not restrict the content to certain formats. Users are given complete freedom to save the file into any format. They can convert the webinar into a series of high quality clips and create an entire new presentation in the matter of minutes.

The software can be easily downloaded at the click of a button. Install it before the webinar is about to start and you are good to go. All you have to do is follow the instructions and the entire content is available for you to use.  Webinar on Skype? That is not an issue anymore as this software can capture content from any visual platform.

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