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A Great Start at Exhibitions: Communication Is Key

by Olufisayo
A Great Start at Exhibitions

Upbeat Tempo

We do not need to be an expert in communication skills to appreciate the need to keep the customer engaged when representing our company at our latest exhibition. Of course, staff employed by a company providing information about the products or services they provide at an exhibition should be aware of what they need to do in order to captivate their audience.

But even though most people working on an exhibition stand will not have the same dynamism or charisma as many of the world’s pop icons and movie stars, it is still worth portraying yourself in the most positive light that we can create.

In fact, lots of people charged with not only engaging with customers at exhibitions in an effective manner but also helping to generate a sales lead will try to find out what they can do to be successful. There are websites that could certainly help motivate companies regarding what they should be aiming for with customer relations. Firms that will be presenting what they do at an exhibition that do not think about this important aspect in business will wish they did.

A Great Start at Exhibitions

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Small Talk

Getting to grips with the importance of proper communication with people visiting our exhibition stand is not only important in terms of being able to promote the stuff we have on offer, but also an integral part of building a good business relationship with our customers.

Using a reliable UK exhibition stand hire provider as part of our latest promotion strategy is also vital for business success. But although we may have secured one of the better options in suppliers of exhibition stands for hire, we will still need to work on our communication skills with prospective customers. One of the best ways of making a visitor to our stall feel comfortable would be to engage in small talk. However, rather than being too cheesy with the usual questions like “What is your favourite…?”, we should try to keep our chat a bit more relevant to what we wish to achieve — attracting attention to the products or services we provide.

Some of the questions that could be part of effective small talk in terms of relevance to our products or services when engaging with customers at an exhibition include:

  1. How often do you use ….?
  2. Why do you need a/an….?
  3. Where do you usually need to take a/an…..?
  4. Have you ever used this…….?
  5. Does your partner also like…….?

Communication Is Key

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Friendly Demeanour

It goes without saying that if we are in a bad mood whilst working on a stand representing our company, we will struggle to attract people to our station. That being said, being too friendly to the point that we come across quite superficial is not the answer to being able to engage effectively with potential customers at an exhibition.

Indeed, most people tend to be more attracted to not just friendly sales staff but employees who are of a more reserved or shy nature. Of course, apart from being easy to approach, we should try to maintain at least some amount of confidence whenever we need to talk about the things we are promoting at an exhibition.

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