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A Guide to Cost Effective Exhibition Solutions

by Olufisayo
A Guide to Cost Effective Exhibition Solutions

For many companies, an exhibition is a golden opportunity to show off their products, and with many potential customers walking through the doors, you really need to set your space out in such a way that very few people walk by. Whatever your particular field, there will be many of your competitors who are also trying to lure the attendees into their space, and, of course, if you cannot get a person into your stand, there is nothing to convert.

Such is the importance of making the very best use of your square footage, and it must be understood that when a potential customer walks through those doors, he or she will only be influenced by what they see and hear, and with that in mind, here is some advice, straight from the professionals, on to create an effective exhibition stand.

A Guide to Cost Effective Exhibition Solutions

  • Go Modular – If you really want to impress, you simply must go for a modular creation, and with sleek curves and seamless finishes, your stand will certainly stand out. Of course, the design needs to be both practical and pleasing to the eye, and any supplier would have their own design team, who work with the client to provide something that ticks all the boxes. If your business is UK based, check out the amazing custom exhibition stands by Aspect Exhibitions, a market leader that never fails to impress.
  • Think Design and Design – As any interior designer will tell you, when you have thousands of potential buyers milling around, your floorspace needs to be top notch in every respect. It is no secret that the reason designers are so well paid, is they deliver. Their creations draw people in, and that is exactly what you need. Spend a little, invest in the best, and it will surely pay dividends, when the final sales figures come through. The ideal environment is a subtle balance of seclusion and openness, and of course, the lighting and furniture are critical components. If the designer works his magic, you end up with an area that people simply want to experience, and the results are there for all to see, as more visitors invariably means more sales. If you would like some further reading on the importance of design in the exhibition industry, there is a great article on various blogs that really does dissect design.
  • Location Matters – Ideally, you want to be in the central area, and if it is a large hall, closer to the front than the rear, and corner sites are preferred, as you actually have 3 elevations, and of course, if you are lucky enough to have an island site, even better. If you are using a modular system, then you’ll have no issues about getting the hardware in place, and the teams can work in very tight spaces, and with a project manager assigned, you, the client can focus on your printed media and sales team.

With the right contractor, you have a talented design team, who understand how to interpret the client’s vision, and with the professional installation and after care, you can focus on writing business, which is the main reason for being there. If you would like to talk to the market leaders, an online search is the place to start, then look for an established exhibition stand provider who has modular systems and an impressive list of clients and you are home and dry, and remember, one must speculate to accumulate!

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