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A Part Time MBA Is Your Compass to Bay Street Success

by Olufisayo
Part Time MBA

Those who’ve already dived head first into the business world and found themselves working in bustling centres like Toronto might feel that taking on an MBA wouldn’t award them the flexibility to network and get involved in activities or events occurring on the Bay street strip of the financial district. What if there was a program though that not only provided them with enough time to keep their jobs, and take advantage of schmoozing opportunities, but also gave them a hub and opened doors for interacting with others looking to make a name for themselves?

For those pursing their Masters degrees so they may switch industries, there are also a wide array of companies searching for the perfect student or recent graduate to fill a position.

Part Time MBA

To learn more, check out the latest part time MBA programs offered in Toronto at the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics’ satellite campus, where candidates can complete on alternating weekends, allowing their schedules to remain malleable so it may compliment their lifestyles and aspirations. The program is located in downtown Toronto’s Sun Life Financial Building so those working on the strip have easy access to classes without having to go out of their way to attend. By attending this school, candidates will also make connections with classmates who have similar career objectives, allowing for both lasting friendships to form, as well as potential business relationships later on.

Classmates will also become familiar with each other’s work ethic; this familiarity and trust allows students to build each other up, and recommend their classmates for openings on projects with their respective firms in the future. This type of consistent networking environment is key to students landing the jobs they aspire toward after graduation. Furthermore, some of the top companies on Bay Street look to recruit MBA graduates such as Accenture – a company that manages a summer consulting internship program, boasting 3,435 employees. CIBC is another that has created a comprehensive co-op program featuring lunch and learn workshops, as well as coaching and mentoring; the company has 36,215 employees creating a comprehensive and immersive working culture.

Many offer job rotation opportunities like Siemens Canada Ltd (with 4,904 employees), while others partner with MBA schools to provide subsidies that help pay for students’ tuition. There are also in-house training and development programs giving candidates the skills to advance faster in their careers. As mentioned previously, many companies also allocate jobs specifically for new graduates or those still studying. This makes an MBA the perfect route for someone looking to take their present career in a different direction because it alleviates their having to contend with the same amount of competition.

With so many professional, GTA-based employment opportunities available to MBA candidates, there’s never been a better time to apply for a program that awards this prestigious designation. What’s more is candidates can complete their degrees at their own speed (between 2.3-5 years) through part-time study, by means of a program located conveniently where many activities in Canadian business already take place.

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