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How Does an Ad Revenue Calculator Work and Why Do You Need One?

by Olufisayo
Ad Revenue Calculator

The best advertising networks offer affiliate programs to help publishers and advertisers connect. These networking options help websites rent or sell ad spaces to online retailers to promote their products.

It is vital to calculate the returns on investment through this marketing strategy. Hence, publishing firms use an ad revenue calculator to analyze the performance of ads on their website.

It helps them calculate the total revenue generated from the commissions paid by advertisers.

What is an Ad Revenue Calculator?

According to a recent report, the total ad revenue in the US is expected to reach $242 billion in 2021.

Advertising is an expensive affair. Blog owners and publishing websites spend a lot of effort and time to add compelling content for third-party ads. They get paid on a commission basis or get a share of the profit generated from converting leads.

An expert ad revenue calculator helps publishers calculate their profits from each piece of content or ads using data analysis and tracking tools.

The ad revenue refers to the total income generated from displaying paid ads on your website, social media pages, apps, and other related online platforms.

Ways to Generate Ad Revenue

There are three main pricing models to generate ad revenue.

Cost Per Thousand View (CPM): In this traditional way of online advertising, the ad revenue represents the amount companies pay to publishers for every thousand impressions or views their ad generates on the site.

Cost Per Click (CPC): It is the most popular pay-for-performance model. Here the advertiser pays the publisher every time a website visitor clicks on the relevant ad.

Cost Per Action (CPA): In this online pricing model, the advertiser pays the publishing website for every action of a potential customer. It could be taking a survey, signing up for email promotion, sharing the content on social media, or taking a demo trial of a product or a service.

How Does an Ad Revenue Calculator Work?

An ad revenue calculator is a powerful tool that calculates your income from displaying paid ads on your website. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Input the Current Ad Setup Rate

The calculator needs you to input the current ad network option to calculate the income it generates. Google AdSense is a popular advertising network.

If you are using header bidding, you should select the demand partner’s option. Header bidding is an auction technology used by websites to get bids from multiple advertisers. Publishers display their ad space inventories on demand-side platforms to catch the eye of potential advertisers.

Step 2: Select Average Views Per Month

Next, you should provide the average views your website gets per month using a slider. It is an approximate number you can get from a tool like Google Analytics or a local data analytics software.

Step 3: Select the Average CPM

CPM is called Cost Per Mile or Cost Per Thousand Impressions. It refers to the amount spent to have an ad published and seen a thousand times on a website. This metric is used to monitor ad performance.

To calculate ad revenue, you should select the average CPM in USD. It ranges from $1 to over $100.

Step 4: Select the Ad Units Per Page

Ad units per page are the number of ads you display on your website on a single page. More the ads you display on your webpage, more numbers can be generated by digital advertising.

You can display commercials on your webpage in different layouts, dimensions, and formats. It is advisable not to crowd your page with many ads. It negatively impacts user readability and online customer experience.

Step 5: Click on In-depth Analysis

Once you fill in all the details mentioned above, click on the in-depth analysis button to calculate your total ad revenue. You can see your approximate projected ad revenue details for the next two years.

Benefits of Using an Ad Revenue Calculator

Using an ad revenue calculator has the following benefits.

  • It helps to calculate the income from website traffic and traffic from different sources.
  • The data helps you estimate how much more online visitors you need to get a specified income.
  • The information can help you implement different marketing tools and strategies to increase website viewers and get maximum profits from digital advertising.

Final Thoughts

An advertisement revenue calculator gives you an estimated forecast of your income from displaying third-party commercials on your website. It uses existing and past performances to calculate future trends in digital advertising monetization.

It is advisable to use this magic tool to track and improve your SEO strategies for maximum profits.

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