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Why an AdWords Certificate Makes All the Difference To Your Start-Up Agency

by Olufisayo
adwords certificate

In 2018, 74% of small businesses reported using pay-per-click advertising. If you’re not one of those companies, what are you waiting for?

PPC ads are a great medium for reaching target consumers. This has encouraged agencies to expand their service offerings to meet the demand.

Read on for a breakdown of the benefits an Adwords certificate can bring to your agency.

adwords certificate

What Does It Mean To Be Adwords Certified?

Adwords certified agencies have been recognized by Google for having advanced knowledge of managing Google Ads. The certification program is administered through the Google Academy of Ads platform via a series of modules and exams.

The certification determines professional knowledge of the following areas of PPC:

  • Campaign creation
  • Campaign management
  • Optimization
  • Digital advertising measurement

It covers the management of search, display, video, shopping, and mobile advertising campaigns.

How Do You Get An Adwords Certificate?

Anyone who passes the required exam can get the Google Adwords certificate. But, beyond the certification available to individuals is the Google Partner badge. Agencies use this badge to identify themselves as industry experts in PPC campaign management.

Requirements of the Google Partner Badge include:

  • 1 Google Adwords certified admin on your agency’s Google Ads manager account.
  • Passing an 18-month assessment of performance indicators.
  • Meeting account spend thresholds of $10,000 per 90-day cycle.

Only one person within your agency will need to earn the Google Adwords certificate. But, it’s wise for your entire agency to test their skills and earn recognition.

Follow these 3 steps to secure an Adwords certificate:

  1. Get first-hand experience using the Google Adwords platform.
  2. Work your way through the study modules provided by Google.
  3. Take each exam required for accreditation.

As simple as 1-2-3. Don’t let that fool you though, as Google Adwords is a skill that must be developed over time.

Take the first step seriously and accrue as much experience managing PPC campaigns as possible before attempting certification.

What Are Benefits Associated With Adwords Certified Agencies?

Agencies who spend time and effort on Adwords certificates will notice a definite return on investment.

Adwords certified agencies can enjoy:

  • A spot on the Certified Partners list on Google’s official partner website
  • Strengthened value proposition and resume when pitching to new clients
  • Increased credibility from Google’s name recognition

Saying that Google is a well-known brand may be a bit of an understatement. You will immediately benefit from the social proof of prospects who see that Google has certified your agency.

How Can You Display Your Accomplishment?

Prove your expertise in digital marketing by displaying Google Partner badges on your website.

You can even display your agency’s accomplishment using a certificate template. This will make your experience notable and visible to prospects and clients. Place this in the lobby of your agency or in your office on a shelf or wall.

Amp Up Your Agency’s Credibility

Positive perception is vital to winning new accounts and holding onto longstanding clients. An Adwords certificate establishes agency credibility. This will make your agency an obvious pick over competitors.

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