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All the Reasons to Fall In Love With Toyota Camry 2012

by Olufisayo
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Reasons to Fall In Love With Toyota Camry 2012

Toyota Camry is a reliable car that is well-respected on the roads. You should definitely own it since this is the best car in terms of the price-quality ratio!

You can say a lot about this car, but you reduce it to these words: genuine Japanese quality!

We will give you irrefutable arguments to make you fall in love with Toyota Camry head over heels!

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Reasons to Fall In Love With Toyota Camry 2012


  • The dimensions are familiar, the front view is brutal, the radiator grille is massive, the optics features xenon while the clear bends of the body lines please the eye.
  • The door handles are clad in chrome, since the car features intelligent access system that closes when you touch the element. In general, the appearance is more minimalistic compared to the 40th model body.

Reasons to Fall In Love With Toyota Camry 2012


  • Inside you’ll find the familiar green lighting, faux-leather upholstery with a stitching that adds certain charm. The wooden inserts have become more massive.
  • Touch-screen display gives information on fuel consumption and mileage. This information is duplicated on a monochrome screen under the speedometer. USB port is another great advantage: now you can just put all the music on the flash drive and forget about the disks! The sound is pretty decent.
  • The Bluetooth connection takes place upon boarding in the car. The electric power steering wheel is adjustable by reach and height by the lever.
  • The car is comfortable even for people with a height of more than 180 cm, the perforation is good, so the back and bottom will hardly sweat in the heat. The heating of the seats is adjustable.

Reasons to Fall In Love With Toyota Camry 2012


  • The car is originally intended for comfortable driving around the city without any haste. However, you can accelerate quite adequately and relatively quickly, a 6-speed automatic and 181 offer decent performance. Pay attention to the noise isolation of the cabin – this is a clear improvement compared to its predecessors.
  • The initial fuel consumption in the first two weeks is 18.5 liters per 100 km and this is in summer. Afterwards, things get settled and the consumption in the city is reduced to 11.6 liters.
  • The steering wheel is responsive and the brakes are decent, too.

Reasons to Fall In Love With Toyota Camry 2012

CAMRY can be compared to Kalashnikov assault rifle: it’s simple, but reliable and trouble-free. For everyday urban and comfortable operation, it has all the rights to enter the E-class line for the money you pay for it!

Reasons to Fall In Love With Toyota Camry 2012

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