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All Work and No Play

by Olufisayo
All Work and No Play

A little bit of fun in the workplace goes a long way. However, team building exercises and activities often get a bad rep, but if you choose them carefully you can do something exciting with your team, as well as enhancing communication and create bonds between team members and ultimately helping to improve the organisation overall.

Why Team Build?

You’re supposed to be working together, but instead, no one talks to each other, just getting on with their tasks. Team building means that everyone feels like they can work together towards a common goal. And while the manager make sure everyone does this at an individual level, working together as a team means that this is achieved quicker and at a better standard.

They will know each others’ strengths and weaknesses and can help each other improve them, as well as delegating work to someone who enjoys it. This way the company will mobilise that underutilised talent. If colleagues trust each other then there are likely to be less misunderstandings and misconstrued ideas. Individuals will also be happier at work if they get on with their colleagues, and feel that they can communicate effectively, which will in turn boost morale and therefore productivity.

All Work and No Play

Team Building Exercises

A wide range of activities can be used to help build a team, from the stereotypical and somewhat boring game playing, to real adventures and exciting activities.

Visit 12 Degrees to arrange corporate days out, from recording music at the legendary Abbey Road studios and Olympic inspired sporting events to treasure hunts, interactive team challenges and Christmas parties or award ceremonies.

With a team building experience that your employees and colleagues can get excited about, will enjoy and remember as a great time afterwards, it will create something to talk about. This way the team will bond further as they anticipate and remember together.

Follow It Up

Make sure that the workplace structure will benefit from team building exercises- there’s no point in trying to build a team if your reward system is based upon individual results. Think about whether your business will improve with combined team efforts, which is likely, as opposed to individual.

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