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Amit Raizada Entrepreneur And Investor – Building Financial And Social Bridges

by Olufisayo
amit raizada

Going back and forth from Miami and Los Angeles. Amit Raizada graduated holding an economics degree from Michigan State University and is a renowned entrepreneur and financial investor with a keen interest in recognizing excellent investment opportunities.

During his early years in the business world, Raizada had a keen interest in business activities, and soon he founded his first firm in 2002, Spectrum Business Ventures(SBV). He held the office as the CEO of SBV, and in this capacity, he raised his company portfolio by investing in some powerful financial entities. Some of the big names he worked with included wireless telecommunications corporations, with significant investments in T-Mobile, AT&T, and Card Compliant.

Since the start of his business career, Raizada held a steadfast approach in seeking lucrative financial and investment opportunities, a trait that saw him associating his companies to some of the top businesses. The associations helped Raizada to propel his company to the pinnacle of financial prosperity and recognition.

amit raizada

SBV also ventured into the esports field with some big names such as HD Films and Echo Fox.  Amit Raizada seized all substantial investments opportunities for SBV and ventured into real-estate, entertainment, hospitality, and the food sectors. Raizada helped SBV spread its portfolio all around the world, where his prime involvement remains on the board of directors, and he stay active in working for several portfolio companies.

2016, saw AmitRaizada, team up with a three-time NBA champion and Stratton Sclavous, to launch into the esports field one of the fastest growing new business segments in the world thus continuing to cement Amit as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the century.

Amit Raizada’s Social Contributions

Right from the start, AmitRaizada believed in giving back to society and built a system that contributes towards the social cause. He is renowned for his philanthropist and charitable contributions, and as a businessman, he launched Vision Global Foundation (VGF) which served as a hub for Vision Venture Partners(VVP), with the prime purpose to support social and humanitarian activities for VVP.

Later on he ventured into another support program with Orphaned Starfish Foundation (OSF). OSF is a non-profitable organization that helps orphans, troubled youth, and kids on the street from all over the world to find places to stay, get proper education, and lead a productive life. True to his visions, Amit continues to extend his strong support to OSF and many other charitable institutions that are helping people to live better lives. With numerous business investments under his belt, and as one of the most successful entrepreneurs, Mr. Riazada firmly believes the most satisfying job is the one where you can help and support others in poverty and hardship.

Amit Raizada’s Approach to Philanthropy

Raizada is a true entrepreneur who remains committed to his social responsibility and has the willingness to share his success with others who are less fortunate. He contributes donations to many organizations and is an active contributor for The Kaw Valley Behavioral Health Care Center and Monmouth University Athletics. Other notable contributions to his name include contributions in the University of Kansas Hospital, Autism Speaks and the Monmouth University Athletics.

Today, many corporate firms get busy with their business numbers and the race to put better revenues on the book. In this race, they ignore or are not engaged with their contributions to the social cause and playing their part for the betterment of society. He firmly believes that the reputation of the firm excels not only through numbers but also with the contributions the business makes in the community and how the general people appreciate the industry over its corporate social responsibility and humanitarian activities.

While Raizada is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and has a successful career as an influential businessman for decades, he’s equally celebrated for his interests to contribute in charity and his care for humanity. His journey from the very start, to the position he retains today, reflects how one can achieve phenomenal success in the business world as well as show commitment to the corporate social responsibility and play an active role to help people. Today he continues his stride as a tech giant, a business coach, and an influential investor encouraging new enterprises with financial and training assistance.  His companies are few of the corporate entities that firmly deploy it’s earning for several social and charitable events and provide continuous financial support to some of the philanthropic organizations; the companies have held long ties with, right from the start of the business journey.

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