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Are Cloud Solutions Ready to Handle a Completely Virtual Office?

by Olufisayo
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In recent years, large steps have been taken towards the paperless office. The idea is so commonplace now that it’s difficult to remember a time when business was sceptical of such an idea.

Now the new challenge, which in fact isn’t that new at all anymore, is that of a completely virtual office. Advancements in cloud technology have already empowered many small businesses to achieve this goal already.

As we move into 2014 and Business Process Outsourcing moves into the fore as an authoritative solution for the modern business, how prepared is current cloud-based integration ready to manage the needs of businesses of all sizes?


IT Infrastructure

The benefits offered by cloud computing cover more than simply remote working. As more and more of a company’s IT functionality is hosted online, there is a much lesser need for expensive IT hardware to be installed on site. This doesn’t only cut costs in capital investment but it also means the demand on office space is that much lower too.

The fact that such accounts software solutions are also maintained by the provider means that regular and immediate support is at hand through dedicated customer service channels and the days of needing to employ IT maintenance teams is become more and more unnecessary.

The Cloud for CRM and Accounting Functions

The big question though is whether companies can entrust large volumes of both sensitive and valuable data to be stored and backed up offsite. A company’s CRM and accounts, for example, are very much the beating pulse of a business and it is a big step to have such key resources hosted only online.

Sage CRM has been the most trusted accounting system in UK business for several years, and its sister CRM, Act!, has been relied on by businesses for sales management and lead generation for almost as long. In maintaining its presence as the leading accountancy service, Sage has been developing a cloud CRM and accounting service which is both cost effective and highly reliable.

Thousands of businesses are already taking advantage of this safe, secure and cost effective IT solution, have you explored the option yet?

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