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The Importance of AV Equipment in a Conference Room

by Olufisayo
AV Equipment

The conference room is one of the most important places in a company. It is where all the important business meetings and conference meetings; both video and audio take place.

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing enough to fulfill its use as a conference room, it should also have the necessary AV equipment needed in one. This AV equipment serves to make communication easier, help with presentations, and make the meetings run smoothly.

To achieve all of these, here are some AV equipment that should definitely include in your checklist when furnishing a conference room.

1.      A SmartBoard

A smartboard is a much more advanced version of a whiteboard. It is a whiteboard, projection screen and computer all rolled in one. The smartboard has multi-touch features that allow people to write, draw, and move objects using their fingers. It is very useful in meetings as it can also be connected to a printer and whatever is on it can be printed out and shared with the people in the meeting.

2.      Speakerphones

Apart from video quality, sound quality has to be one of the most important things to look out for during a business meeting. It is very important that all parties involved in the business call and hear each other properly.

This is where a speakerphone comes in; they have been specially designed for conference calls and feature a very high-quality sound which comes from a 360° microphone. The speakerphone makes it sound as though the person speaking is in the same room as you.

There is also the option of syncing the speakerphone with your office intercom system. This way, you can reach someone in the office without having to leave the conference room.

3.      Television or Projector

A television can also double as a projector especially if the conference room is small and there are not many occupants.

There are now television systems that can perform high-tech functions like connecting to the internet, making video calls, etc. However, if your conference room is big; bigger than what television can handle in terms of display, it is advisable to get a projector.

This would make it easy for everybody to see what is being projected. Both of them are long term options so it is important to consider the one that would really be of use. Don’t go buying a projector when you can make do with a television. That would not be a smart and cost-effective decision to make.

4.      Wireless system

A standard conference room should also have a wireless system. This would reduce the stress of having to hide wires and connect wires all around the conference room. It makes things compact and portable.


Conferences play a huge part in the work environment, so it is important for the conference room to be conducive enough for any brainstorming activities that might go on. This can be achieved by making it aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. So when buying things to equip your conference room with, you can add this AV equipment to your checklist.

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