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AvaCare Medical: Helping you Navigate the Waters of DME

by Olufisayo
disability equipment

Based out of Lakewood, New Jersey, and servicing the nation through their online store, AvaCare Medical is an advocate for those with disabilities. They provide buying and price guides for every supply under the sun to help you find the best products and the best prices through their comprehensive buying guides.

Buying Guides

They cover everything from incontinence to walking aides and gloves, bed pads and more. In these guides you will find the best prices for the most efficient supplies to assist you with your unique needs to accomplish your day-to-day tasks.

Beyond buying guides, you can find helpful articles on how to not only properly stock your durable medical supplies but also how to help with controlling issues such as incontinence, how to rearrange or redecorate your home to eliminate fall risks, you can even find advice on what pill crusher would work best for your physical capabilities and the medication you take.

disability equipment


Another great feature to their guides in the attention to detail, and sincerity they put into their advice. They truly care for their customers’ well-being and it shines through in the advice they give. If you have a loved one, or you yourself, are having problems with bed sores they offer great advice on how to keep those complications at bay. Are you having financial hardships that are keeping you from purchasing the necessary items you need to function from day-to-day? AvaCare provides details on how to go through your insurance to get the coverage you need to DME.

Gain Back Independence

They can help you or your loved one to gain more independence than they thought they would be capable of. You can find out information about adaptive utensils and plate guards if hand strength and dexterity are an issue. You can also find adult “sippy cups,” they are designed not to look like they are for children as not to patronize the patient and offer the ease of a spill proof cup, and are also convenient for bedridden or ill patients who want to drink while laying back in bed. You can also get disposable or reusable bibs for adults with the option of either velcro, snap or tie closures that come in a variety of styles and materials to suit the preferences of you or your loved one.

Continuing with the theme of independence, the wheelchair and walking buying guides come in handy when it comes to independence as well. You can find out which wheelchairs work best for outdoor activities and tight spaces as well as whether or not an electric or manual wheelchair may be best for you. There is a guide for anything and everything you need and in the spirit they have had since their inception, they offer as much financial help as possible, you are more than likely to find 5% off discount codes through their site. AvaCare Medical take pleasure in serving the nation with quality advice and supplies. Take a look at their site and get ready to exhale, you’ll have finished your search for everything you need.

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