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Avoiding Wasting Time with Online Marketing

by Olufisayo
Avoiding Wasting Time with Online Marketing

Running a company is more than a full time job.

In fact, most business owners would say that even if they had another 24 hours per day they would still not have enough time to fulfill all of their obligations to their satisfaction. Even if this is an indication of being too precise, it is a reality that in order to be successful a company must be effectively and passionately led, with energy and focus being placed on activities that spread the word and develop a strong and loyal customer base.

One way that this is done is through online marketing. By creating an internet presence you can reach out to a tremendous audience very quickly and can consistently provide the most up-to-date information regarding the products and services you offer.

Avoiding Wasting Time with Online Marketing

While online marketing can be an incredible benefit to your company, it can also get lost to poor time management.


Wasting time in the running of a company can be truly devastating. We have all heard the phrase “time is money”, and this is absolutely applicable to online marketing. Every moment that your marketing is not being properly managed you are losing possible involvement from potential customers, and therefore, conversions. Dedicating yourself to not wasting time in your administration of your online marketing can increase the strength and success of your company, and allow you to aspire toward continued growth.

Below are ways that you may be wasting time and how you can overcome them:

Not Letting an Administrative Assistant do the Work

Running a company involves a tremendous amount of administrative work. Things such as filing, keeping track of expense, and maintaining a website are vital to the organization and success of a company, but they also take time. This is time that you could better spend performing the tasks that only you can perform. Rather than adding administrative tasks to your plate, it is both temporally and financially advantageous to hire someone to handle them for you.

Depending on the size of your company and how much needs to be done you may be able to hire one person to do all of these miscellaneous tasks for you. If you need help handling both the office management-type tasks and the actual online marketing activities of your company, you should hire specific people to handle each set of responsibilities in order to maximize their time and talents.

You Can’t Manage Time Management

Online marketing is all about being timely. You will not see the results that you want if you are not able to produce fresh, interesting content regularly and occasionally provide supplemental content that is based on up-to-the-minute events.

To handle this you must make your online marketing activities a regular part of your schedule. This can be accomplished by either fitting it into your daily schedule and adhering to this requirement, or hiring a professional that can handle this marketing for you. To ensure that your site never goes without fresh content you can take advantage of the future publication feature on your WordPress site. Wordpress themes are not only visually compelling but they make it so that you can put several pieces of content into the system and schedule them to be automatically published at a later date. This ensures that as long as your site is up, content will be published at the time that you determined.

Holding on Too Tightly

If you choose to utilize the skills of a professional online marketing manager, you need to let that manager do his job. By hovering over him, constantly checking in, and requiring frequent updates and planning sessions, you are not only wasting your time but his as well. The entire purpose of hiring such a professional is to ensure that your content is high quality and effective, and that you have your time to do what you need to do rather than focusing on marketing. You must trust that the professional that you hired knows what he is doing and will do it correctly so that both of you can be as productive as possible.

No Social-Media Strategy

Just saying that social media platforms are a part of your online marketing strategy does not make them effective. If you are spending hours per day randomly clicking around these sites or putting up relatively random posts, you are not utilizing these platforms to their potential—and you are wasting your time. Creating a social media strategy before you ever start using the platforms will prepare you for the type of content that you want to share, how you want to share it, and how often you are going to share it.

Your strategy should plan for these activities to be completed in a limited time per day, or you should hire a social media specialist that will handle your online marketing in a way that maximizes the potential benefit of the social media platforms you have chosen.

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