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Be your Own Boss: 7 Action Steps to Becoming Self Employed

by Olufisayo
Becoming Self Employed

Most people’s dream is to be self employed; that’s why the slogan “be your own boss” or “fire your boss” is becoming more popular by the day. With the current high rate of downsizing, nothing is more secured than being your own boss. Nothing gives you peace of mind than knowing you are in control of your destiny.

The most amazing fact about being self employed is that you have the potential to grow into a business owner. After all, most successful entrepreneurs started out as being self employed.

Do you want to be self employed? Do you want to start your own business, be your own boss and do your own thing? Then this article is for you. Without wasting time, below is a 7 step action plan to becoming self employed.

Becoming Self Employed

1.            Why do you want to become self employed?

Before you even write a business plan, quit your job or start a business; you must find a good reason for wanting to become self employed. One of the reasons why I always emphasize the need to have a purpose for doing things is because your intent can become a source of inspiration for you.

Now why do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to be your own boss because you are fed up of your job? Do you want to be self employed for extra income? Or you want to do it to have a stronger control of your life?

Well, I may not comprehend your intention for wanting to become self employed but what I want you to know is this: “Do it for the right reasons.” If you become self employed on some feeble excuse; or you lack a strong purpose for going on your own, then you may lose your enthusiasm and give up before you breakthrough.

2.            Are you prepared for the challenge?

So you want to be your own boss? Are you ready to face the challenges of the business world? Are you ready to give your business all it needs to excel? Are you mentally in shape to become a boss? You might assume these are unfussy questions but they are realistic. Most people resign from their jobs and go solo without being mentally equipped and that’s why they fail.

To be your own boss and excel at what you do; you need to modify your thinking pattern. You need to change from an attitude of reliance on a boss to being independent. You need to gain control and be accountable for your actions. You must be ready to encounter setbacks; you must also be ready to fail because failure is a trail to success.

3.            Discover your principal skill

What are you relinquishing your job on? What’s your leverage? What product or service can you offer that people are ready to pay for? What is your core skill, talent, hobby or passion? If you want to be a successful boss, then you must find answer to these questions.

4.            Carry out feasibility study

Before you leap into the self employment market, you need to know who your market is. What is your niche? Who are your customers? How much are they in need of your service? How much are they willing to pay for your services? How do they want your services packaged and delivered? These are things you must research and find out before putting your money and time in any venture.

5.            Get a business plan

Most individuals go solo without a plan because they believe it’s too early to get one. Sincerely speaking, I have seen successful entrepreneurs that don’t even know what a business plan looks like. So I don’t want to make it look like you won’t succeed without a plan. But if you intend to grow big as time goes on, then you need a business plan.

6.            Hone your sales skill

One of the most critical steps you need to take before becoming self employed is to hone your sales skills; either through training or self learning. No matter how good you are, no matter how excellent your skills are; you will never succeed if you can’t sell yourself.

Sales is the most important business skill. Without sales skills, forget about becoming an entrepreneur.” – Robert Kiyosaki

I have seen experienced technicians struggling to survive just because they don’t know how to sell their expertise. So if you want to be your own boss and be successful, then get good at selling.

7.            Implement your plan

Over the years I have being in business, I have seen individuals with amazing ideas and plans but they remain stagnant every year because they are scared to launch their own business. They are scared to quit their job to face the uncertainty and challenges of being responsible.

When it comes to starting or building a business, taking action is probably one of the most important factors for success. You can fantasize all day but if you don’t take action; all your fantasy will be in vain. So implement your plans today; start the process of becoming self employed and I will see you at the top.

Ajaero Tony Martins is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a passion for teaching people how to start a business. He spends his free time reviewing and researching on the best small business ideas.

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