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Beginners guide to SEO

by Olufisayo
Beginners guide to SEO

You might have heard the term SEO thrown around, but you may not really know what it means. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and in a nutshell, it helps your business to be found by more people online. Even a small amount of knowledge can be hugely beneficial, or you may go on to hire an SEO company to put the work in for you.

Either way, opening yourself up to more customers can only be a great thing. However, when dealing with customers and clients from around the world, you need to be confident that you are not losing money unnecessarily in transfer costs. Find a comparison of the best money transfer services by clicking the link.

Firstly, try googling the services you offer – where do you appear on Google? Second page? Fourth page? It is a common saying in SEO circles that the second page of Google is where businesses go to die – that’s because very few people look past the first page of google.

There is no quick fix for SEO, it takes time to optimize your website, and there are many paths to do so. There is no one solution, either. Different people debate over what works best.

Google algorithms are designed by a lot of different people, and not only does Google not appreciate people trying to beat the system, but the fact of the matter is also that no one person really understands the whole thing, as it’s always updating and becoming more refined

That being said, people who invest their time into SEO tactics obtain visible results; here are some of the methods they use.

  • Google is looking for web pages that contain relevant and high-quality information about what the searcher is looking for.
  • How much unique content you have.
  • They determine relevance by reading your website’s content and evaluating whether that content is relevant to the searcher’s query. They do this through keywords. SEO content creation is a massive branch of SEO and a good place to start if you are considering implementing SEO into your business model.
  • Google determines the quality of your site in several ways. However, one fundamental approach is to see how many websites link to your site. For example, Healthline.com is linked to from many places across the internet and is, therefore, more trusted.
  • How people engage with your website also makes an impact. How long do people stay on your site? If they quickly click off, then this is not good for SEO. People might ‘bounce’ off if your website comes up for the wrong search term.
  • How quickly your site loads.
  • The age of your website (the older, the better).
  • How mobile-friendly your site is.

If you are new to SEO, then consider taking an online course. There are several courses online that can give you a good understanding of how all this works. If your business is not yet investing time or money into SEO, then you could be falling behind.

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