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6 Strategic Benefits of a More Engaged Membership

by Olufisayo
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Membership programs and loyalty schemes are designed to give your customers or members what they want. In return, you get more sales, a better click-through rate on your website, and a loyal group of people. However, not all schemes will be set up well enough to give this engagement. Here are six benefits of a more engaged membership.

1. Better Understanding of Your Members

Before you can entice your customers with your loyalty rewards, you need to understand what they want.

There are several ways you can achieve this:

  • Check the data that you are getting from your customers. See when they buy, what they buy, and their demographic.
  • To gather more data, send out surveys that ask specific questions.
  • Ask existing members what they want and what could be improved.

2. More Engaged Activity on your Website

With online shopping and interaction becoming increasingly popular, people want to have a good experience with your website.

If they find your site difficult to navigate, or it doesn’t contain what they want, then they are less likely to return.

Create a separate section just for members so they feel more valued and exclusive. Just be sure you don’t make the access to the member’s area too complicated.

3. Valuable Feedback

A more engaged membership is also one that will readily give you valuable feedback. You need to know what is working and what needs more effort.

Asking members for their honest opinions will be invaluable and isn’t only for those that are currently members.

If any of the members leave the loyalty scheme, you can ask them exit questions about why they are leaving.

4. Gauging New Products

If you launch a new product or service, it can sometimes be hard to tell how it is being received even if the numbers look good.

Although you may see a spike in sales, customers may not be happy with the product when it arrives.

By having an engaged membership, you can get a feel for how the new product works and how happy customers are.

5. Competitive Edge

Your competition will be one of your biggest obstacles to growth. It may be that your competitors don’t have a loyalty scheme, but if they do, you want yours to be better.

A more engaged loyalty membership will mean a better connection with your customers and greater brand loyalty.

6. More Organic Traffic and Sales

Satisfied customers are the best way to get free and effective marketing. Positive reviews and word of mouth can create organic traffic to your website and higher sales.

You need to go the extra mile to engage with your customers. Most of those that are loyal to your brand, want more than good customer service.

Final Thoughts

A well-developed loyalty program will help your business to grow and establish a core following loyal to your brand. With these six benefits of a more engaged membership, you can look at your company and see which areas require work, and which are succeeding.

And there you have it – 6 strategic benefits of a more engaged membership.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

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