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The Benefits of Using Live Streaming In a Corporate Setting

by Olufisayo
Benefits of Using Live Streaming

Live streaming has risen in popularity in recent years and become a prominent part of many brands’ online marketing campaigns. Rightly so, with it being one of the most effective forms of media for generating a large audience and a huge amount of engagement.

Aside from the benefits that live video has for marketing purposes though, it can also be utilized in corporate settings to allow businesses to grow, optimize their efficiency, and adapt their operations to the current times.

Here are some of the main ways that live streaming can be used effectively in the corporate world to benefit internal communications, improve working relationships, and overall ensure optimum productivity day-to-day.

How can live streaming be used in a corporate setting?

Guest speakers and industry experts

One reason to introduce live streaming into your internal communications is to boost staff motivation and benefit employee wellbeing.

Reaching out to industry experts or big players in your field to see if they’d be interested in doing an interview with a member of the team that can be live-streamed to the entire workplace is an amazing way to show your staff where they could be in the future.

You could even turn your interviews into a Q&A so the team can ask the interviewee questions and have them answered in real-time. Your staff will feel valued, inspired, and motivated for weeks to come.

Company meetings

With many businesses currently working from home and a lot of brands decide to make the permanent move to remote working, live video has never been more important or beneficial. You can conduct virtual business events or conferences, host internal or client meetings, and even just catch-up with members of the team over a cup of coffee.

It’s important to note that if you plan to use live streaming for business meetings as well as conferences, you will need two types of video platforms. Platforms like Zoom and Facebook Workplace are designed for one-to-one videos, whereas you will need a different type of platform for broadcasting events, conferences, or staff training webinars.

Zidivo offers a professional and reliable live streaming platform designed to allow businesses to go live to large audiences, making it ideal for large corporations that need to offer their streams securely and in a high-resolution to large numbers of teams all over the world.

Employee training

Another way that live streaming slots well into a corporate setting is with staff training. Part of making sure that you are prioritizing employee wellbeing is making sure that each and every member of staff feels as though there is room to develop and progress. You can use live streams to host webinars, online classes, or large-scale training programmes over a series of weeks to help your staff develop and learn new skills wherever they choose to work.

If you are a large corporation or brand with multiple teams working behind the scenes, it can be virtually impossible to get all your employees under one roof to sit down for a training session. Choosing to offer these over live stream means that your staff can tune in wherever they are and even watch the video at a later date if they are in various timezones or locations.

Employee-generated content

Last but not least, you can use live streams to simply have some fun as a company. It’s important for brands to let their staff have periods of time to socialize, let down their guards, and not take themselves too seriously. Why not let each member of your team create a live stream of their own?

You could host quizzes or let each employee use video to let their personalities loose and tell everyone a bit more about themselves. Allowing your employees time to form friendships and build relationships outside of work can actually have a huge benefit on the running of your business day-to-day.

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