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The Benefits of Utilizing Online Web Support in your Business

by Olufisayo
Online Web Support

Businesses are using online channels more and more these days to engage with customers. Businesses need online web support even more these days to provide quality support and enhance a customer’s online experience.

In addition to email, phone, video customer support and self-service, online web support live chat like you can find at image-24.com is a great tool for keeping customers happy, reducing service costs and increasing conversions. But, should your business utilize live web support?

Here are three benefits to consider when you want to build an online store.

Online Web Support

Increased Website Profits

Most of the people who browse your site probably prefer to use web chat and receive instant assistance instead of waiting for an email response or waiting on long phone queues. Your browsing visitors and potential customers are more than twice as likely to buy your products and services after they have spoken to a live representative via online web support. Online chat builds and increases customer confidence and trust in your products and services. You are able to answer customer questions quickly and leave them feeling satisfied when they leave your website.

Online Chat Support is Convenient to Customers

While shopping online, most consumers need help from a live representative.  In fact, over 44 percent of consumers online state that when they have questions, if a live person can answer them right there in the middle of their online purchase, they consider that one of the most essential features any website can offer.

Online web support gives customers the immediate help they need. Wait times to connect with a live representative is significantly less than waiting in a call center queue and customers can very easily do other things while they wait. Furthermore, having to dial into a 1-800 number and navigate through all the prompts and numeric options can be a pain.

Provides Potential Customers with Immediate Reponses

Customers want information delivered to them efficiently and quickly.  Live online chat enables your online reps to attend to your customer’s needs while they shop around your site.

Initiate Chat Requests and Feedback

Your customer service and sales operators will be able to initiate live chat help as visitors are browsing your website.  They can initiate a chat session to your site visitors to see if they have any questions or need any assistance before they leave your site.

Enables Online Contact

Your sales team will be able to look for new sales opportunities and improve closing sales with online web support. This can be done by pro-actively asking the visitors if they need help or if they noticed a certain coupon or deal. Any initiated chat session is normally popup friendly and enables your visitors to easily accept or decline your invitation.

There are various ways for marketing departments, sales teams and customer support agents to utilize online support to increase online sales, increase conversions, keep customers happy and reduce service costs.  With all the benefits it provides, it’s a wonder why more businesses are using this powerful marketing platform. For more information on online web support, please contact us.

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