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Benefits of your Business using VoIP

by Olufisayo
Benefits of VoIP

There are many businesses using standard telephone systems that are expensive and are lacking the features of VoIP. In this article, we will take a look at some of the benefits your business could receive if you were to switch to VoIP.

What is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows you to make calls over the internet. This is done when the technology converts your voice to small packets of data and sends it across the internet back to the user’s phone which then decodes the message.

Many people think that VoIP is only suitable for large businesses but the truth is small businesses can benefit from it greatly. Below are some reasons why you may want to switch to VoIP.

VoIP is Cost-Effective

For a business to change its infrastructure it often has to be cost-effective and VoIP is just that. Standard telephone lines are charged by the minute and for small companies that do the majority of their business through the phones this can soon add up to a big expense.

A good VoIP service will generally charge you a flat fee rather than by the minute.

Andrew Thompson, an IT Technician from www.FirewallTechnical.com had this to say about the cost-effectiveness of VoIP:

“Your typical phone line is going to cost around $50 a month per station and that’s before outgoing minutes are taken into account. International calls can also increase the bill considerably. VoIP can cost as little as $20 a month per month and all your minutes are included.”

VoIP and Scalability

As your business grows it’s very likely that your hardware needs will also grow.  New employees will mean a bigger office eventually and moving your telephone lines and keeping your number can be a problem if not impossible in some cases.

VoIP is quick to set up and phone numbers can be moved, changed, or added to as your business scales with ease.  VoIP offers a huge advantage over a traditional line when moving as it can be moved much quicker without the downtime of a traditional phone line.

When moving to a new location a traditional line would typically be down which will cost you business, a VoIP line can be redirected to a mobile phone until the move is complete.

With VoIP you only pay for what you need, if you need a new line for an employee you can set it up quickly and move on if that employee leaves you can cancel the line just as quick.

Improved Customer Service

Frustration can cause your potential customers not to purchase from you.  One of the biggest frustrations a potential customer can have when calling is getting a busy dial tone or being redirected to an automated message.

VoIP can get rid of some of this frustration by forwarding the call to a number of different devices, giving the customer a better chance of reaching a human rather than a busy tone or voice mail message.

Small and large businesses alike can benefit from this feature and I’m sure it’s something Coca Cola would have taken into consideration when deciding to get rid of their voice mail systems earlier this year.

VoIP and remote work savings

 Traditional phone lines can’t be used when it comes to remote working and that can be a huge problem for some businesses.  When an employee works from home and they are needed in a conference it can often lead to wasted time trying to set up the latest conferencing software and it’s a huge inconvenience.

If a client needs to talk to the employee they will either need their mobile phone number which doesn’t look professional or they will also have to jump on some video conferencing tool which they may not have access to.

VoIP is perfect for these situations as it can handle call forwarding, video calling, and conferencing with ease.

Working from home can save you as an employer not only in wages but in office space and can improve employee retention and productivity.

High-Quality Calls

Have you ever had to struggle through a conference call where the other party kept fading in and out, I’m sure we all have and it leads to a frustrating experience.  VoIP can get rid of this problem as long as you have a reliable internet connection which most businesses do these days. A system like Unified Communications combines all of the ways businesses need to communicate onto one simple easy to use platform. With many businesses going remote choose one platform for all of your needed connections whether that be video calls, meetings, chats, or voicemails.

Installing a VoIP line could save you money from lost deals through bad call quality and that benefit alone could make it worth it to your business.


Telephone hacking can costs businesses billions per year and your business is open to something known as a phreaking attack if you are using a traditional telephone system.  A phreaking attack is where a hacker initiates an outbound call to a premium number from your business line and runs up a staggering bill unknown to your business.

VoIP lines can protect your business from phreaking hacks as you can set limits to call charges through your credit limit system.  You can also set up SMS notifications to be notified when you are close to this limit, which can alert you to this activity quicker than a traditional phone line.


Switching your telephone system can seem like a daunting task but switching to VoIP is painless and could save you thousands a year in call charges and create a happier workplace for your employees.  If you are still using a traditional phone line, now may be the time to consider switching over to VoIP.

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