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Productivity, Time Management and Accounting: The Best Apps for Busy Small Business Owners

by Olufisayo
best apps

As apps become a predominant part of most of our lives, these tools are now starting to play an integral role in the day-to-day running of small businesses. Business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers look to these innovative web and mobile apps to get themselves organized, in the loop and visible.

Here are just some of the apps that can help you to keep on top of your business, and all from your mobile or tablet device:

best apps


Ever flying from business meeting to business meeting when a great idea pops up in your head only for it to disappear again before you’ve had a chance to jot it down? Well, that’s exactly what Evernote helps to prevent as this handy app allows you to “remember everything”, as you can organize, store and share voice notes, photos and text so you’ll never lose one of your ideas again.

Google Drive

As an additional to Google Docs, this app allows you to upload and edit files straight from your PC onto your smartphone or tablet. It doesn’t just act as an office suite either as it’ll also store everything on its cloud drive, so you’ve got added piece of mind that all of your work is safe or secure.


When it comes to organizing business trips, keeping on top of itineraries, booking confirmations and car hire details can be incredibly difficult. Thankfully, TripIt has developed a solution for business owners where they can keep all of their travel arrangements in one place. Producing a comprehensive yet completely simplified itinerary, you’ll be able to focus on your important business meeting without worrying about your travel plans.

And don’t forget to add to this with one of the Apalon Apps for Android, Weather Live Free, as this will help you to keep on track of the weather forecast whilst you’re traveling around.


If you thought managing your travel itinerary was hard, keeping on top of your expenses can seem almost impossible. However, there’s an app that keeps track of everything from your mileage to your expenses whilst also letting you scan and upload your receipts. Expensfy is great for you as a business owner but is also great for your staff members too as they can file their receipts for each trip so you can keep on top of their expenses as well as your own.


Now you’re on top of your travels and expenses, you’ll also want to make sure you’re on top of all your projects and Basecamp is great for doing this. As you manage your projects you can invite others to collaborate on them, chat to them as you develop the project and create checklists, attach files and monitor how the project’s coming along. You can also make sure everyone’s on the same page with workflow calendars that show you where you’re all up to. And the cost of this app is based on projects instead of users with the number of users who can contribute on the app being unlimited.

This guest article comes from Katie Nelson, a small business owner and Mother. She writes about a number of small business topics, using her own experiences to write her articles.

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So many new apps coming out every day which means this is such a competitive market. Plenty of good apps and also lots of rubbish apps available. Great read btw!

Alan Bryson November 13, 2016 - 8:28 PM

Agree this is a very competitive market but one that has so much to offer.

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