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The Best Colors to Use When Designing an Office

by Olufisayo
Best Colors to Use When Designing an Office

When it comes to setting up an office space for your business, choosing paint and décor might be the last things on your mind. However, while selecting software and creating workstations is essential, you don’t want to neglect the power of interior design.

The fact is, color plays a very important part in your business operations. It dramatically affects mood and completely transforms the atmosphere of a space.

Below, we will talk about some of the best colors to use when designing an office.

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Gray, White and Black

Most people suggest staying away from colors such as grey, white and black because they appear clinical. While this is true to a certain extent, it doesn’t mean you have to turn your office into a funhouse.

These neutral colors are the perfect base to build on and can still create a very fresh, calming atmosphere. The key is to mix tones and textures to add more warmth. One way to achieve this is with your furnishings.

Check out this office furniture in Utah, for example. They have excellent staple pieces that will complement any space, regardless of the color pallet that you choose.

Blue and Green

If you’re looking to increase productivity in the workplace, calm yet vibrant colors are often your best choice. Blue, for instance, is known to stimulate the mind, encouraging tranquillity and improving focus.

Green also adds a necessary balance and is why many locations choose to decorate with plants. It encourages creativity and creates a harmonious balance perfect for communication zones such as meeting rooms.

Orange, Red, and Yellow

Orange, red and yellow are known as energetic colors. They are loud, vibrant, and certainly are a way to make a positive statement. Each sparks passion, excitement, and happiness.

Although, because of their intensity, they must be implemented in moderation. Using a large amount can have a very overwhelming effect and make it difficult for staff to think.


Like the neutrals we mentioned above, brown is often a color that is forgotten about. However, it also has a lot of benefits that should be taken into consideration.

When used appropriately, it can make a room appear strong and powerful. It’s also a lot warmer than using solid black and white.


Finally, while purple can seem like a very overwhelming color for offices, it can be used responsibly. It adds a sense of luxury, royalty, and spirituality, which is often the perfect fit for many brands.

That being said, shades and tones must be selected carefully. Adding too much purple can have the opposite effect of the above, resulting in a cheap and tacky appearance.

Final Words

And that’s it! These were the best colors to use when designing an office. However, don’t forget to truly consider your brand image and what your business is really about. Your space should reflect cohesiveness yet still encourage your staff to be as productive as possible.

Photo by Huseyn Kamaladdin

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