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High-Interest Rate Savings Accounts

by Olufisayo
Best High Interest Savings Accounts

Shopping for commodities, paying education fees, arranging household necessities, or buying luxury items; you need money to buy anything at all. Having a constant and regular stream of income is a necessity more than wishful thinking these days.

The uncertainty of the job market, rising inflation rates, and an economic slump will all affect your expenditure budgets. As an individual, either as a retired employee or as a house leader, you’ll want to put your money securely in an investment account that assures you a regular monthly income.

Many banks and financial institutions offer monthly profit rates for the contemporary savings accounts, CD’s (Certificates of Deposits), and money market accounts.

A typical US bank offers merely a 0.05% on a Savings account with no checkbook or other facilities. That’s just $5 of profit per annum for you on every $1,000 of your investment with the bank.

The Special Fixed-rate or so-called “high yield” bank accounts on average offer you a cumulative profit rate of up to 1.30%. That translates to a mere $13 for every $1,000 investment, Good luck with that!

The banks and financial institutes make money with investors’ cash deposits, as recently as in April 2020; banks in the US reported a profit rate of up to 32%. What’s in that for you as an investor if you’re getting an effective rate of 1.30% only?

The very concepts of traditional banking investments and money market accounts are obsolete now. The Fintech firms investing in high performing industries thus earning much more profits than traditional banks are the best alternatives for you as an investor. One of such modernly equipped platform for your investments is einvestment.

The Fintech firm einvestment doesn’t only have a portfolio of great investments like Artificial intelligence, Cryptocurrency, and Eco-Friendly green investments but also pays high yield monthly profits to the investors too.

Einvestment last month’s profit rates reached to 3.97%, and that’s the monthly profit rate for you disbursed every month. The annual compound rate of profits for einvestment currently stands at 30% (on average).

The most significant feature of profit returns with einvestment is its monthly disbursement of profits. The average highest yield on investments reached a whopping 9.71% on a monthly basis. So how does einvestment get such high profits? The answer to the question is a two-part equation.

The first part comes with a highly dedicated and skilled team of einvestment. That is led by the industry leaders like Peter Derksen (Head of Division with 21 years of experience) and Jakub Novak (Lead Portfolio Manager with 17 years of experience).

Financial management is all about risk management; a skillful and experienced team like ours can manage such a diversified investment portfolio. The second part of the equation comes from the fact of choosing the right stocks i.e. the high performing industries that are going to perform well in the near future.

At a glance, take a look at the portfolio mix of the einvestment that includes high performing tech-based industries such as Artificial intelligence, Live Streaming, Cryptocurrency, and robotics and automation. If that’s not enough for you, then take a close look at the extra high yield investment options here. These high-risk, high-yield investments have recently returned profit rates of up to 14.13% as recently as in April, 2020.

Einvestment is part of the Gulliver group of companies based in Lisbon, Portugal since 2015. The Gulliver group is a proud sponsor and partner of one of the leading football clubs in Lisbon; the Sporting Club Portugal.

The group has also been an active donor to the world charities throughout these years. Einvestment is a licensed and regulated firm in George Town, Cayman Islands since 2018. To serve you conveniently we have a regional headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal for all our EU customers.

We welcome both individual and corporate investors from all around the world, but due to a current policy change, we are not accepting the US-based customers for the time being. We have a simple 05 steps online, paperless, and convenient account opening process that you can start here.

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