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Here Are the Best Snacks for Your Dogs When You’re Low on Cash

by Olufisayo
Best Snacks for Dogs

You’re making a mistake if you think you’re the only one that loves snacks. Your dogs do too, and they love to be treated to snacky treats. There are as many different foods for dogs and other pets today as there are for humans.

Dog foods and snacks come in various definitions and flavours to either reward the pet for behaving nicely, or for targeted growth and body development.

You can buy many of these dog snacks at local stores in your community or online at Healthy-Chews.com among other internet stores.

The pet treats are safe and delicious for dog consumption and they do not constitute any digestive problems. They provide a healthy snack and a perfect chew if you want snacks that will keep the dogs occupied for some time.

To improve the organic properties of these dog foods and increase their delicacies, they are often made with combinations of cheese, bacon, beef, chicken, mutton and even vegetables and then sweetened with vanilla, yoghourt or strawberry flavours among other. But if you are low on cash and want the best snacks for your dogs, you could buy or even make home-made snacks that are suitable as dog treats.

To save money, many foods that humans eat can be modified to create pet snacks that your dogs and even cats will enjoy.

You could make crunchy cookies by making organic dog food using carrots, peanut butter, blueberries, eggs, green beans, sweet potatoes, lean meat, apples, rice and popcorn among others. Your dogs will not only enjoy consuming their treats, but they will also be happier and healthier with shiny coats.

While store-purchased rawhides are good for your dogs, experts say chicken jerky treats could be a cheaper alternative. Moreover, the jerky is tough and chewy enough to keep the dog busy for a considerable amount of time, while the protein in the chicken will serve its muscles well. To put this in proper perspective, we can list out the nutritious dog snacks that you can consider feeding your dog –

  • Peanut butter cookies
  • Chicken jerky
  • Frozen yoghourt pops
  • Fruit and vegetable strips
  • Beef and vegetable balls
  • Chicken casserole
  • Doggle chili
  • Beef stew
  • Fruit parfalt dessert
  • Oatmeal

You must understand that while human foods can be modified for dogs and other domestic pets, they must only constitute about 10% of the dog’s total diet.

This is because human foods are too nutritious for animals and they can cause digestive problems for dogs. So it is always best to discuss with your veterinarian if you observe that your dog is reacting to your home-made meals and treats.

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