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The 5 Best Tools to Digitally Transform your Business in 2021 and Beyond

by Olufisayo
Digital transformation

The hype about digital is real because it is one of the top three priorities for businesses. But despite its many advantages, why do companies continue to fail at their digital transformation attempts?

Today’s customer expects a seamless experience, a feat that isn’t easy to accomplish for businesses in an uber-competitive and challenging atmosphere.

As a result, they need to have more agile network capability and deploy hybrid IT services to deliver an exceptional user experience that’s crucial for business transformation. It is important to understand that digital transformation goes beyond apps and online tools, but it encapsulates setting up new processes in response to technology evaluations.

IT executives must maintain operational discipline while prioritizing performance and security. In addition, transformative and innovative technologies rapidly change the workplace, enabling businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

What Is Digital Transformation, And Why Is It Important?

Digital transformation refers to leveraging digital technologies to modify or develop a new business culture, processes, and customer experiences to meet the evolving market and business requirements. This reimagining of operations in the digital era is digital transformation.

Digital transformation is critical when responding to the disruption of business and work ecosystems, and most companies ramp up their efforts to cater to the sudden change.

8 out of 10 organizations fast-tracked and accelerated their digital transformation programs in 2020, as per the Digital Transformation Index 2020. The report surveyed more than 4000 business leaders around the world. Additionally, 89% stated that the pandemic heightened the need for a more scalable and agile IT environment that can only be possible when the companies transform digitally.

This substantiates that technology isn’t a choice in this new world but a fundamental strategy that businesses must interweave into every aspect of their organization.

Here are some tools to help your business digitally transform seamlessly:


Goal and objective setting is central to any business. Profit.co is an objective and key results (OKR) software that allows companies to set, convey, monitor, and measure their KPIs and results across physical locations and teams.

The platform also helps with employee management, worker appraisal, guided team check-ins, work culture reviews. Furthermore, Profit.co delivers a proper hierarchical view of your team’s goals and ensures that they align with your overall business objectives.

It also gives a clear picture of how your business’s goals align with the key performance indicators and specified objectives. As an appropriate tool to digitally empower and transform your business, Profit.co comes with automation for all your OKR tasks.

Profit.co integrates with famous remote work platforms such as Slack, Google Suite, and Jira. In addition, this OKR software comes with ultimate customer support to help you get the most from the platform.


Relatively, idea management is a novel software category. However, it is vital for distributed/remote teams, i.e., businesses that are ready to transform digitally. With a robust idea management platform, your companies can captivate, organize, discuss and gauge processes and ideas more efficiently, even when your employees aren’t together in a similar space.

This app lets you collect ideas through an always-on recommendation box. You can then organize and structure these concepts, create innovative pipelines, and review your existing plans. It’s a brilliant idea mapping software for groups.

Brightidea easily monitors the return on investment and the impact on business via a robust analytics engine that generates informed and valuable insights related to the submitted ideas. This, in turn, streamlines your transition to a digitally enabled world.

When you want to explore ways to innovate your firm, Brightidea is the way forward.


ZipBooks is a brilliant and cost-effective accounting and online invoicing software that helps companies with multiple accounting applications suited to small businesses. You can easily send invoices to your clients, track tasks on time, monitor a project’s progress, connect bank accounts for faster payment processing and create an account-keeping record system.

The platform also caters to new and growing businesses with various packages and plans to choose from. For example, the Starter option (free) offers unlimited contacts, invoices, and access to a sole bank feed.

And ZipBooks’s Smarter version upgrades the system with countless bank connections, time tracking, and auto-billing. All in all, ZipBooks is an excellent tool for accounting, billing, invoicing, and expenses. So if you want a tool to expedite your company’s digital transformation journey, ZipBooks is a great tool to consider.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot is the premier social media management platform available. As a result, businesses can leverage Instagram and Facebook to generate leads, run bulk campaigns, and ultimately drive conversions.

But not all companies can afford to work with giant tools directly like Hootsuite. This is where Social Pilot comes in handy.

It provides a dashboard for all your digital channels that run ad campaigns and offers features such as collaboration and bulk scheduling tools. Moreover, Social Pilot also allows you to monitor your movements.

It can be daunting to communicate over various social networks, though. That is why Social Pilot is such a feature-rich software for digital transformations. With Social Pilot, you can manage all of your social accounts, automate your post-scheduling, and maintain strong engagement effortlessly.

RingCentral Office

RingCentral Office is a business acceleration software that brings together multiple communication platforms. It works seamlessly irrespective of the location and not merely the office desk.

RingCentral Office is an advanced business communications platform. It includes video conferencing, task management, telephone, video conference, and file sharing—and brings this office collaboration platform to your teams with a smartphone or a laptop l regardless of location.

The platform simplifies the communication process for your teams and empowers businesses to transition smoothly to a digitally powered system.

RingCentral is a complete business voice-over-IP (VoIP) and cloud-based private branch exchange (PBX) solution such as artificial intelligence integrations, digital fax capabilities and seamlessly integrates with other digital office tools such as Box and Google Drive.

In Conclusion

Business transformation is not an easy feat. First, you require the right strategy and tools to enable your teams to transition to the digital world and overcome the challenges in the process. However, once that is sorted, you can increase efficiency, productivity, and Profit.

The tools mentioned above allow that kind of process transformation that helps your business seamlessly embrace trends like remote work that epitomize the fundamental nature of the digital revolution.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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