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Best Work from Home Jobs for College Students

by Olufisayo
Article Writer

Most students in college face numerous challenges due to a lack of cash to keep them running, or even to support their families. However, there are many online jobs for college students that can be done on a part-time basis.  In this article, we have listed some of the best-paying, easy-to-do work-from-home jobs.

There are many options, take your time when choosing one that fits you best depending on your interest, and work towards making an extra $1000 or above every month.

1. Article Writing

You can make money online by working as an article writer for companies and online business owners. Article writing involves creating web content, blog posts, product reviews, newsletters, and more. As a content writer, you can explain the writing services you offer; and the topics you are best in.

Clients will then hire your services and pay you for submitting articles that meet their requirements. In the same way, students pay for essay and online assistance, especially when handling difficult projects, you can get paid for your creativity and writing skills.  Most pay over $20 for a 1000-word article. Therefore, if you are good at writing can start by creating an account with content sites such as TextBroker, Triond, WriterLance, Writer, or Scripted.

Have you ever wondered why some writers can charge absurd amounts of money for seemingly simple projects, while other writers work their tails off for minimum wage? Check Ship 30 for 30 to know more.

2. Online Tutoring Jobs

Online tutoring is a great opportunity for college students to earn money. If you are proficient in a particular subject, you can sign up as an online tutor and teach others to get paid. Online tutors help students understand their classwork and assignments better.

For one to qualify as an online tutor, you are required to clear some essentials to showcase your qualification. Payment depends on the number of hours, sessions or days worked. This job is ideal for fresh college graduates who are wondering how to find a job.  For students who have a passion for teaching others, you can find these opportunities on sites such as Tutor.com, TutorVista, Happy Tutors, Homework Tutoring, and Aim 4 A.

3. Online Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are among the easiest online jobs you will ever come across. Unlike others, data entry does not require special skills or qualifications; you only need some basic knowledge of computers and the internet.  Data entry mainly involves copying product descriptions from spreadsheets and pasting them into a website. For projects that might require some research, the client briefs you on how to do it. Some great sites where you can apply for data entry jobs include oDesk, Elance, Virtual Bee, Capital Typing, iFreelance, and HEA-Employment

4. Graphics Design

The largely diverse graphic design career line provides different work-from-home opportunities for college students. If you have passion and skills in graphic design, you can make extra money by either designing logos for companies, websites, and institutions, editing photos, or even designing t-shirts. The scope of this freelance service is so broad; you can visit websites like Sazzle and Teespring and check how you can make money by selling your personalized art. Make the best out of your design skills, self-employment will bring you a more flexible lifestyle with the ultimate sense of freedom.

5. Blogging

Blogging is a highly recommended money-making venture that comes with a lot of freedom in what you do. It involves creating an online forum where you write about topics you are best at. One advantage of blogging is low start-up costs; at less than $100, you can start your blog.  Beginner bloggers might not make much, but once they get regular traffic to your site, they can pocket a couple of hundred dollars daily. Learn how to set up your blog successfully, turning it into a six-figure income and estimating winning opportunities.  Be your own boss.

6. Virtual Assistance Jobs.

Virtual office assistants essentially work on secretarial tasks on the web.  Some of the tasks you expect as a virtual assistant are managing emails, scheduling appointments remotely, and making phone calls. These jobs are ideal for students who still prefer the traditional 9 am to 5 pm office duties. The advantage is that virtual assistants can work from any place provided they meet the employer’s requirements. Some great sites to find virtual assistant jobs include Elance, iFreelance, Guru, and oDesk.

7. Youtube Channels

YouTube provides an easy way of earning extra cash by starting a channel and uploading videos.  If you are an expert in a particular field, let’s say electronics or computer-related niche; you can create helpful videos on how to solve particular problems and upload them to your channel. As well, you can request partnerships to incorporate different ads on your videos to increase your net earnings. For beginners, you should learn a few techniques on how to rank your YouTube videos at the top of search results.

8. Selling Stock Photography

Another great way of making money for college students is by selling photography. There are many advertisers and content developers who are looking for good photographers who can capture high-quality, unique photos. If your photography skills please them, they will buy your photos for advertisements and banners among other purposes. If interested, take a look at photography marketplaces such as iStockphoto where you are paid for every picture downloaded.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the highest-paying jobs for students. Instead of having frustrations with your rejected job applications, choose to be an internet marketer, one of the careers placing young people on the millionaire roadmap. It involves selling other people’s products and getting a commission for every sale you make.  Affiliate marketers choose some products to promote and earn a pre-decided commission for every item a company sells through their promotional links.  Students interested can join an affiliate marketing program on marketing sites such as Clickbank, Amazon or JVzoo.

10. Taking Online Surveys

Several websites and companies offer paid surveys based on the demographic a particular survey is targeting. The surveys imply limited payment but are ideal to start with as a beginner to online jobs. Alongside surveys, learn other jobs to increase your earning potential.  However, you should be careful as most of these online survey websites are pure scams. Some legit sites where you can search for paid surveys include iPoll, Swagbucks, My Points, Pinecone Research and Survey Spot.

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